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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 44

I am righteous, I am faithful, I am the God who examines the innermost heart of man! I will reveal at once who is true and who is false. No need to be alarmed, all things work to My time. Who wants Me sincerely, who doesn’t want Me sincerely—I will tell you. Just eat well, drink well, come before Me and get close to Me and I will do My work Myself. Don’t be too anxious for quick results, My work is not something that can be done all at once. Within it there are My steps and My wisdom, so My wisdom can be revealed. I will let you see what it is that is done by My hands—the punishing of evil and rewarding of good. I certainly do not favor anyone. I sincerely love you who sincerely love Me, and My wrath will ever be with those who don’t sincerely love Me, so that they may always remember that I am the true God, the God who examines the innermost heart of man. Don’t act one way to others’ faces but another way behind their backs, as I see clearly everything you do and though you may fool others you cannot fool Me. I see it all clearly. It is not possible for you to conceal anything; all is within My hands. Don’t think yourself clever, making all your selfish calculations ready. I say to you, man can make a thousand plans, or ten thousand plans, but in the end they cannot escape from the palm of My hand. All things and events are administered in My hands, how much more so is one person! Don’t try to avoid or hide, don’t cheat or conceal. Can you not see that My glorious countenance, My wrath and My judgment have been publicly revealed? I will judge immediately and without mercy all those who do not want Me sincerely. My pity has come to its end and there is no more left. Don’t be hypocritical anymore and stop your wild ways.

My son, take care, spend more time before Me and I will be your support. Have no fear, bring forth My two-edged sword, fight with Satan till the end in accordance with My will and I will protect you. Have no worries, all concealed things will be opened and revealed. I am the Sun that gives forth light, mercilessly lighting up all the darkness. My judgment has completely befallen and the church is a battleground. You should all get ready and you should devote your whole being to the final deciding battle; I will surely protect you so that you may fight the good victorious fight for Me.

Be careful, the hearts of people today are deceitful and unpredictable and they are not to be trusted. Only I am completely for you. There is no deceit in Me; just lean on Me! My sons will certainly be victorious in the final deciding battle and Satan will most certainly come forth and lash out in its death throes. Have no fear! I am your power, I am your all. Don’t think about things over and over, you cannot attend to so many thoughts. I have said before, I will no longer pull you along the path as time is too pressing. I don’t have the time to lift up your ears again and remind you—it isn’t possible! Just finish your preparations for battle. I take full responsibility for you; all things are within My hands. This is a battle of life and death and it will be a struggle to the death. But you must realize that I am forever victorious and unbeaten, and that Satan will surely perish. This is My approach, My work, My will and My plan!

It’s done! All is done! Don’t be faint-hearted or afraid. I with you and you with Me will be kings forever and ever! The words I have spoken will be forever unchanged and events will soon befall you. Keep watch! You should ponder well every word; don’t be vague about them anymore. You must be clear about them! Remember—spend more time before Me!

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