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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 41

I once took on a great undertaking among men, but they did not notice, and so I had to use My word to reveal it to them. And yet, man still could not understand My words, and remained ignorant of the objective of My plan. And so because of the deficiencies and shortcomings of man, they did things to interrupt My management, and unclean spirits took the opportunity to manifest, making mankind their victims, until they were tortured by the unclean spirits and became defiled all over. It was at this time that I saw man’s intent and purpose. I sighed from the mist: Why must man always act for his own interests? Are My chastisements not meant to make them perfect? Am I trying to discourage them? The language of man is very beautiful, and soft, and yet the actions of men are extremely terrible. Why is it that My requirements of man always come to nothing? Is it as if I were asking a dog to climb a tree? Am I trying to create trouble out of nothing? As I carry out My entire management plan, I have created various “experimental plots,” however due to poor terrain, and due to too many years without sunlight, the terrain is constantly changing, causing it to break down, and so in My memory, I have forsaken countless plots of this type. And still now, much of the terrain continues to change. If someday the earth really changes to another type, I will readily cast it aside—is that not the stage I am currently at in My work? But man doesn’t have the slightest sense of this. They are only being chastised under My guidance. Why bother? Am I a God who came in order to chastise man? In the heavens, I once planned that once I was among men, I would unify with them, so that all those I love could be close to Me with nothing to divide us. However, at the present, in the circumstances of today, not only are we not in contact, what’s more, they keep their distance from Me because of My chastisement. I do not weep for their absence. What can be done? Men are all performers who go along with the group. I could let men slip from My grasp, and even more so I will be able to let them return to My “factory” from “foreign lands.” At this time, what complaints could they have? What can man do to Me? Are men not easily swayed? And yet, I do not harm man for this fault, but rather give them My nutrition. Who made them act powerless? Who made them lack nutrition? I move the cold hearts of man with My warm embrace, who else can do such a thing? Why have I expanded this work among men? Can man truly understand My heart?

Among all of the people I have chosen, I have engaged in “trade,” and so there is always a coming and going of men in My home, in an unending flow. They all engage in various formalities in My place, as if they were discussing business with Me, so much so that My work is so busy that at times I don’t have the chance to handle all of the squabbles of men. I urge men not to be a thorn in My side, and to steer their own ships rather than constantly relying on Me. They must not always act like children in My home; what benefit is that? My work is great business. It is not some neighborhood store, or little shop. Men always fail to understand My frame of mind, apparently deliberately jesting. It would seem man loves to loaf around like a child, never considering serious business, and so many fail to fulfill the “homework” I lay out for them. And so how dare these men show their face to the “teacher”? Why is it they never attend to their duties? What kind of thing is the heart of man? Even now I am unclear. Why is it the hearts of men are always changing? Like a day in June, from time to time the scorching sun is ruthless, other times the clouds are dark and dense, and others the fierce wind howls. So why is it men are unable to learn from their experiences? Perhaps this is an exaggeration. Men don’t know to bring an umbrella during the rainy season, so due to their ignorance they have been soaked by the sudden appearance of rain from the heavens countless times, as if I were deliberately teasing them and they were always being assaulted by the heaven’s rain. Or perhaps it is that I am too “cruel,” making everyone absent-minded and thus scatterbrained, constantly at a loss for what to do. No man has ever truly grasped the purpose or significance of My work. So they all do the work of causing themselves trouble, and chastising themselves. Could it be that I am deliberately chastising them? Why do men make trouble for themselves? Why do they always walk right into the trap? Why don’t they negotiate with Me, but instead find work for themselves? Could it be that I am giving mankind so little?

I published My first work among all men, and as My work made people admire it too much, they were all careful in their study of it, and through this attentive study they had much to gain. It seems My work is like a convoluted, amazing novel, like a romantic prose poem, like the talks of a political program, like a complicated mix of economic common sense. As My work is so rich, there are many differing opinions on it, and no one can provide a summary of the preface of My work. Although man has “outstanding” knowledge and talent, just this work of Mine is enough to baffle all the heroes. While men say “blood may flow, tears may be shed, but one must not hang one’s head,” they are unconsciously hanging their heads, in expression of their surrender to My work. Man has summarized what he learned through his experiences, saying that[a] it is as if My work is a heavenly book that has dropped from the sky, but I urge man not to be oversensitive. In My view, what I have said is all very conventional; however, I hope that from The Encyclopedia of Life in My work, people are able to find the way of livelihood, and from Man’s Destination, they may find the meaning of life, and from The Secrets of the Heavens, they may find My will, and from The Path of Mankind, they can discover the art of living. Would this not be even better? I do not force man; for those who are not interested in My work, I will give them a “refund” on My book, plus a “service charge.” I do not make man act reluctantly. As the author of this book, My only hope is that readers will love My work, but what people enjoy is always different. And so I urge men not to compromise their future prospects for the sake of saving face. If that was the case, how could I, kindhearted as I am, bear such great disgrace? If you love My work, I hope that you will relay to Me your own precious suggestions, so that I can improve My writing, and thus through man’s faults improve the content of My writing. This benefits both the author and the reader, does it not? I don’t know if this can be considered correct. Perhaps in this way I can enhance My writing ability, and strengthen our companionship. On the whole, I hope that all may cooperate with My work, without interruption, so that My word may be dispersed to every family and home, and so that all of people on earth can live amid My word. This is My goal. I hope that through The Chapter on Life in My words all men may have something to gain, such as life maxims, or the knowledge of[b] the faults among mankind, or what it is I require of man, or the “secrets” of the people of the kingdom today. However, I urge men to take a look at The Scandals of Man Today; this can be beneficial to all. You may as well also read The Latest Secret, which can be even more beneficial for people’s lives. There’s also Hot Topics—isn’t this even more beneficial for people’s lives? There is no harm in using My advice, and seeing if it has any effect, and relating to Me how you feel after you’ve read it, so that I may prescribe the correct medicine, which in the end can completely eradicate the illnesses of mankind. I don’t know how My suggestions will work, but I hope that you can use them as a reference. What do you think?

May 12, 1992


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “saying that.”

b. The original text does not contain the phrase “the knowledge of.”

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