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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 42

As soon as the new work begins, all people have a new entry, and they advance with Me hand-in-hand, we walk on the great road of the kingdom together, and there is great intimacy between man and Me. To show My feelings, to display My attitude toward man, I have always spoken to man. Part of these words, however, may hurt people, while some of them may be of great help to them, and so I advise people to listen more closely to what comes from My mouth. My utterances might not be elegant and refined, but they are all the words from the bottom of My heart. Because man was originally My friend, I have continued to carry out My work among man, and man, too, does his utmost to cooperate with Me, deeply afraid of interrupting My work. At this moment, My heart is filled with great delight, for I have gained a portion of people, and so My “business” is no longer in a slump, it is no longer empty words, and My “franchise market” is no longer performing sluggishly. People are sensible after all, they are all willing to “dedicate themselves” for My name and My glory, and in this way My “franchise department” gains some new “goods,” and so in the spiritual realm many “customers” come to buy My “goods.” Only at this moment do I gain glory, only then are the words spoken from My mouth no longer empty words. I have been triumphant, and have returned in victory, and all people celebrate Me. To show its admiration for Me, to show that it yields beneath My knees, at this moment the great red dragon also comes to “celebrate,” and I am glorified in this. From the time of creation until today, I have fought many victorious battles, and have done many admirable things. Many people once celebrated Me, and offered praise to Me, and danced for Me. Although these were stirring scenes, and unforgettable, I never showed My smile, for I had yet to conquer man, and was merely doing part of the work similar to the creation. Today is unlike the past. I give a smile upon the throne, I have conquered man, and people all bow down in worship before Me. The people of today are not those of the past. When has My work not been for the sake of the present? When has it not been for My glory? For the sake of a brighter tomorrow, I shall make plain all of My work in man many times over, so that all of My glory may “rest” in man, who was created. I shall take this as the principle of My work. Those who are willing to cooperate with Me, rise up and work hard so that more of My glory may fill the firmament. Now is the time to carry out grand plans. All those who are beneath the care and protection of My love have the chance to put their abilities to use here, in My place, and I shall maneuver all things to “turn” for My work. The birds flying in the sky are My glory in the sky, the seas upon the earth are My doings upon the earth, the master of all things is My manifestation among all things, and I employ all that there is upon the earth as the capital for My management, causing all things to multiply, flourish, and burst with life.

At the time of creation, I had already determined that My work on earth would come to a complete end in the final age. When My work ends is the very time that all of My doings shall be made manifest in the firmament. I shall make the people on earth acknowledge My doings, and before the “judgment seat,” My deeds shall be proven, so that they are acknowledged among people across the earth, who shall yield. Thus, afterward, I shall embark upon an enterprise never before carried out in ages past. From today onward, I shall make plain My deeds step-by-step, so that My wisdom, My wondrousness, and My unfathomability shall be acknowledged and proven in every sphere of society. In particular, before all the ruling parties on earth there shall be even greater acknowledgment of My deeds, such that My doings shall be judged by “judges,” and “defended” by “lawyers,” and thus My doings shall be acknowledged, causing all people to lower their heads and yield. From this time onward, My actions shall be recognized by every sphere of society, and this will be the moment when I gain all glory on earth. At such time, I shall appear to man and no longer be hidden. At present, My deeds have yet to reach their climax. My work is progressing onward, and when it reaches its zenith is when it shall finish. I shall completely conquer the people of all nations, I shall cause ferocious beasts to become tame as lambs before Me, and shall cause the great red dragon to submit before Me like the people on earth. I shall defeat all My enemies in heaven, and shall cause all of My adversaries on earth to be conquered. This is My plan, and the wondrousness of My deeds. Man can only live under the influence of nature beneath My guidance—he cannot make his own decisions! Who can escape My hand? I have categorized all of nature, causing it to exist amid laws, and it is only because of this that there are such laws as the warmth of spring and coolness of autumn upon earth. The reason why the flowers on earth wither in winter and blossom in summer is because of the wondrousness of My hand, the reason why the geese fly south in winter is because I adjust the temperature, and the reason why the seas roar is because I want to drown the things upon the surface. What is not arranged by Me? From this moment onward, man’s “natural economics” are entirely vanquished by My words, and people no longer eradicate My presence because of the existence of “natural laws.” Who will ever again deny the existence of the Ruler of all things? In heaven, I am Head; among all things, I am the Lord; and among all people, I am foremost. Who dares easily cover this with “paint”? Could falsehoods disrupt the existence of the truth? At this precious opportunity, I once again begin the work in My hands, no longer suffering man’s interference, keeping the machines turning.

I have added various “seasonings” among My words, and thus it is as if I am man’s senior chef. Although people don’t know what seasoning has been added, they relish the taste; holding the “plate,” they all savor the “dishes” I have prepared. I don’t know why, people always want to eat more of the dishes that I personally prepare. It is as if they look too highly upon Me, as if they see Me as the highest of all condiments, and have no regard for others at all. Because I have too much self-respect, I wish not to smash others’ “iron rice bowl” for My own reasons. Thus, I take the chance to step back from the “kitchen” and allow others the chance to distinguish themselves. Only in this way is My heart steadfast; I don’t want to make people look up to Me and look down on others, that’s not right. What is the value of having a place in people’s hearts? Am I really that boorish and unreasonable? Am I really willing to sit in a position? If so, then why do I embark on such a great enterprise? I wish not to struggle for fame and fortune against others, I disdain earthly fame and fortune, this is not what I pursue. I do not see man as a role model, I do not fight or snatch, but make a living by relying on My “craft,” and do not commit unconscionable acts. Thus, when I walk around the earth, I act first and ask for “payment for handiwork” later—only this is the fairness and reasonableness spoken of by man, there’s no exaggeration in this, it is not in the least bit reduced, I speak as per the original meaning of the facts. I walk back and forth among man, searching for those who are fair and reasonable, yet there has been no effect. And because people love to bargain, the price is either too high or too low, and so I am still doing the duty in My hands. Today, I still don’t know why man does not abide by his duty, why he does not know how great his stature is. People don’t even know whether it is several grams or several liang.[a] And thus, they still deceive Me. It is as if all of My work has been in vain, as if My words are but an echo in the great mountains, and no one has ever perceived the roots of My words and utterances. And so I use this as the foundation to sum up the third aphorism: People do not know Me, for they do not see Me. It is as if, having eaten My words, people drink some medicine to aid digestion, and because the side effects of the medicine are so strong, they suffer memory loss, and so My words become what is forgotten, the place where I am becomes the corner they forget, and because of this I sigh. Why have I done so much work, yet there is no proof of it in people? Have I not put in enough effort? Or is it because I have not grasped what man needs? I’ve run out of ideas in this, My only choice is to use My administrative decrees to conquer all people. I shall no longer be a loving mother, but shall manage all mankind as a stern father!

May 15, 1992


a. The “liang” is a Chinese weight measurement, one liang is 50 grams.

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