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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 43

Perhaps it is only on account of My administrative decrees that people have taken a “great interest” in My words. Were they not governed by My administrative decrees, they would all be howling like tigers that have just been disturbed. Daily I wander above the clouds, watching the humanity that covers the earth as they bustle about, restrained by Me by means of My administrative decrees. In this way the human race is kept in an orderly state, and so I perpetuate My administrative decrees. From this time forth, those on earth receive all manner of chastisements on account of My administrative decrees, and as these chastisements descend on them all humanity sets up a loud clamor and flees in every direction. At this moment, the nations of the earth immediately perish, the boundaries between nation and nation cease to exist, place is no longer divided from place, and there is nothing to sunder man from man. I begin to do the “ideological work” in the midst of humanity, so that people may coexist peacefully one with another, no longer fighting, and, as I build bridges and establish connections in mankind’s midst, people become united. I shall fill the empyrean with the manifestations of My working, so that everything on earth falls prostrate under My power, implementing My plan for “global unity” and bringing this one wish of Mine to fruition, and so that humanity will no longer “roam about” on the face of the earth but find a suitable destination without delay. I take thought for the human race in every way, making it so that all mankind will soon come to live in a land of peace and happiness, so that the days of their lives will no longer be sad and desolate, and so that My plan will not come to naught upon the earth. Because man exists there, I shall build My nation upon the earth, for a part of the manifestation of My glory is upon the earth. In heaven above, I shall set My cities to rights and so make everything new both above and below. I shall render all that exists both above and below heaven into one unity, so that all things on earth will be united with all that is in heaven. This is My plan, it is what I shall accomplish in the final age—let no one interfere with this part of My work! Extending My work into the nations of the Gentiles is the last part of My work on earth. No one is able to fathom the work that I shall do, and so people are completely befuddled. And because I am busily occupied by My work on earth, people take the opportunity to “play around.” To keep them from being too unruly, I have first placed them under My chastisement to endure the discipline of the lake of fire. This is one step in My work, and I shall use the might of the lake of fire to accomplish this work of Mine, otherwise it would be impossible to carry out My work. I shall cause human beings throughout the universe to submit before My throne, dividing them into different categories according to My judgment, classifying them according to these categories, and further sorting them into their families, so that the whole of humanity will cease to disobey Me, falling instead into a neat and orderly arrangement according to the categories that I have named—let no one move about at random! Throughout the universe, I have wrought new work; throughout the universe, all humanity falls dazed and dumbstruck by My sudden appearance, their horizons exploded as never before by My open appearance. Is not today exactly like this?

I have taken the first stride and initiated the first part of My work among all nations and all peoples. I shall not disrupt My plan to begin anew: The order of work among the Gentile nations has been established in accordance with the procedures of My work in heaven. When all human beings lift up their eyes to look upon My every gesture and action, that is when I cast a fog upon the world. Men’s eyes dimmed at once, they are unable to make out any direction, like sheep in a desert waste, and, when the gale starts howling, their cries are drowned by the howling wind. Amid the waves of the wind, human forms can faintly be seen, but no human voice can be heard—even though men are shouting at the top of their voice, the effort is futile. At this time, humanity weeps and wails loudly, hoping that a savior will suddenly drop out of the sky to lead them out of the boundless desert. But, no matter how great their faith, the savior remains immovable, and man’s hopes are dashed: The fire of faith that has been lit is blown out by the gale from the desert, and man lies prostrate in a barren and uninhabited place, nevermore to raise up a blazing torch, and falls senseless into a coma…. Seizing the moment, I cause an oasis to appear before man’s eyes. But, while his heart may be overjoyed, man’s body is too frail to respond, lying limp in every extremity; even though he sees the beautiful fruits growing in the oasis, he lacks the strength to pluck them, because man’s “internal resources” have all been consumed till there’s nothing left of them. I take the things man needs and offer them to him, but all he does is flash a fleeting smile, his face completely cheerless: Every jot of humanity’s strength has disappeared without a trace, vanishing upon the moving air. For this reason, man’s face is entirely without expression, only a single ray of affection radiating from his bloodshot eyes, with the gentle benevolence like that of a mother watching over her child. From time to time, man’s dry, cracked lips make a pulsating motion, as if about to speak but lacking the strength to do so. I give man some water, but all he does is shake his head. From these erratic and unpredictable actions, I learn that man has already lost all hope in his own self, and is only watching Me with a look of supplication in his eyes, as if pleading for something. But, ignorant of the customs and mores of mankind, I am bewildered by humanity’s facial expressions and actions. It is only at this moment that I suddenly discover that the days of man’s existence are fast drawing to a close, and I turn a sympathetic gaze toward him. And it is only at this moment that man shows a smile of pleasure, nodding his head at Me, as if he’s settled up his every wish. Humanity is no longer sad; on earth, people complain no more of life’s emptiness, and desist from all dealings with “life.” Thenceforth, there will be no more sighs on earth, and the days that the human race will live shall be filled with delight …

I shall dispose of man’s affairs properly before going about My own work, lest humanity keep on intruding upon My work. Man’s affairs are not My main theme, the affairs of humankind are too inconsequential. Because man’s capacity is too narrow—it appears that humanity is unwilling to show mercy even to an ant, or that ants are mankind’s enemies—there is always a ruckus going on among men. Listening to the ruckus that men make, I depart once more and give their tales no further heed. In humanity’s eyes, I am a “resident’s committee,” specializing in the resolution of “family disputes” among “residents.” When people come before Me, they invariably bring personal reasons with them and, with overbearing eagerness, recount their own “uncommon experiences,” adding commentary of their own as they go along. I look at humanity’s extraordinary demeanor: Their faces are covered with dust—a dust that, under the “irrigation” of sweat, loses its “independence” as it instantly forms a compound with the sweat, so that men’s faces become further “enriched,” like the sand on a beach at the seaside, on which footprints can occasionally be seen. Their hair resembles that of specters of the dead, devoid of luster, standing straight up like bits of straw stuck into a globe. Because his temper is too hot, to the point where he’s worked himself into a towering rage, his face sporadically gives off “steam,” like the “roiling” of sweat. Scrutinizing him closely, I see that man’s face is covered with “flames” like a blazing sun, which is why there are clouds of hot gas rising from it, and I really worry that his anger might burn his face up, although he himself pays no mind. At this juncture, I urge man to dampen his temper down a little, for what good does this do? Why be like this? On account of being angry, the stalks of straw on the surface of this “globe” are practically burnt up by the sun’s flames; in circumstances like this, even the “moon” turns red. I urge man to moderate his temper—it’s important to safeguard his health. But man does not listen to My advice; rather, he keeps on “lodging complaints” with Me—what use is it? Surely it is not that My bounty is insufficient for humanity’s enjoyment? Or that he refuses what I give him? In a sudden fit of anger, I flip the table over, at which man no longer dares to narrate any more exciting episodes from his story and, fearful lest I lead him into a “detention center” to cool his heels for a few days, he takes the opportunity afforded by My tantrum to slip away. Otherwise, man would never be willing to give things a rest, but would keep rattling off his own spiel—I’m fed up at the very sound of it. Why is it that humanity is so complicated in their heart of hearts? Could it be that I have put too many “spare parts” into man’s makeup? Why does he always put on a show in front of Me? Surely it isn’t that I am a “consultant” for the resolution of “civil disputes”? Did I ask man to come to Me? Surely I am not a county magistrate? Why is it that the affairs among people are always reported before Me? My hope is that man will see fit to take charge of his own self and not intrude upon Me, because I have too much work to do.

May 18, 1992

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