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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 90

All those who are blind must be gone from Me and must not remain a moment longer, for the ones I want are those who can know Me, who can see Me and who can gain all things from Me. And who can truly gain all things from Me? There are most certainly very few of this kind of person and they will surely receive My blessings. I love these people and I will pick them out one by one to be My right hands, to be My manifestations, and I shall make all nations and all peoples praise Me unceasingly, cheering on and on for their sakes. Oh, Mount Zion! Raise the banner of victory and cheer for Me! For I traverse across the ends of the universe, covering every corner of mountains, rivers and all things, then returning here again. I return victoriously with righteousness, judgment, wrath and burning, and even more so with My firstborn sons. All things that I loathe and all people, matters, and objects that I detest I cast far away. I am victorious and I have completed all that I want to do. Who dares to say I have not completed My work? Who dares to say I have not gained My firstborn sons? Who dares to say that I have not returned in victory? They are certainly the kind of Satan, and are those who find it hard to gain My pardon. They are blind, they are filthy demons and I loathe them the most. On these things I will begin to reveal My wrath and the entirety of My judgment and, through My burning fire, kindle the universe from end to end, illuminating every corner—this is My administrative decree.

Once you have understood My words, you should get comfort from them; you mustn’t let them pass by unheeded. Utterances of judgment befall every day, so why are you so dull-witted and numb? Why don’t you cooperate with Me? Are you so willing to go to hell? I say I am the God of mercy to My firstborn sons, My sons and people, so how do you understand this? This is not a simple statement, and it should be comprehended from a positive perspective. Oh, blind mankind! I have saved you many a time, bringing you out of Satan’s grasp and out of chastisement so that you may obtain My promise, so why don’t you show any consideration for My heart? Can any one of you be saved in this way? My righteousness, majesty and judgment show no mercy to Satan. But for you, they are to save you, yet you are just incapable of understanding My disposition, nor do you know the principles behind My actions. You thought that I act heedless of the severity of My actions, or of their targets—how ignorant! I am able to see clearly all people, events, and things. I understand with complete clarity the essence of every person, which is to say, I completely see through to the things a person harbors within themselves. I can see clearly if a person is a jezebel or a prostitute, and I know who does what in secret. Don’t flaunt your charms before Me—you wretch! Get out of here now! So as to avoid bringing shame on My name, I have no use for that kind of person! They cannot bear witness to My name, but instead they act counterproductively and they bring disgrace to My family! They shall be expelled from My house immediately. I don’t want them. I will not tolerate a delay of even one second! For those people it is futile no matter how they seek, for in My kingdom all are holy and free from any blemish. Including My people, if I say I don’t want someone then I mean it; don’t wait for Me to change My mind. I don’t care how good you were to Me before!

I reveal mysteries to you every day. Do you know My method of speaking? What do I reveal My mysteries in accordance with? Do you know? You often say that I am the God who provides for you at the right time, so how do you comprehend these aspects? I reveal My mysteries to you one by one in accordance with the steps of My work, and I provide to you in accordance with My plan, and even more so in accordance with your real statures (providing is mentioned in reference to every single person in the kingdom). My method of speaking is thus: To the people in My house I give comfort, I provide for them and I judge them; to Satan I show no mercy, and all is wrath and burning. I will use My administrative decrees to cast out from My house one by one those whom I have not predestined or chosen. There is no need to feel anxious. After I cause them to reveal their original forms (after they render service for My sons in the end), they will return to the bottomless pit, or else I shall never put this matter to rest and I shall never let go. People often mention hell and Hades. But what do these two words refer to, and what is the difference between them? Do they really refer to some cold, dark corner? The human mind is always interrupting My management, thinking that their own random ponderings are pretty good. But they are all their own imaginings. Hades and hell both refer to a temple of filth that has previously been lived in by Satan or by evil spirits. That is to say, whosoever has been occupied before by Satan or by evil spirits, it is them who are Hades and them who are hell—there is no mistake! This is why I have stressed repeatedly in the past that I do not live in a temple of filth. Can I (God Himself) live in Hades, or in hell? Wouldn’t that be unreasonable nonsense? I have said this several times but you still don’t understand what I mean. Compared to hell, Hades is corrupted more severely by Satan. Those who are for Hades are the most serious cases, and I have simply not predestined these people; those who are for hell are those whom I have predestined, but have then been eliminated. Said simply, I have not chosen even one of these people.

People frequently show themselves to be experts at misunderstanding My words. If I did not clearly point out and clarify things bit by bit, who among you would understand? You only half believe even the words that I speak, never mind things that have not been mentioned before. Now, internal disputes have begun within all nations: Laborers disputing with leaders, students with teachers, citizens with state cadres, and all activities such as these that cause unrest first arise within every nation, and it is all just one part that renders service to Me. And why do I say it renders service to Me? Do I take pleasure in people’s misfortune? Do I sit unheeding? Certainly not! For this is Satan lashing out in its final death throes, and from the negative side, this acts as a foil for My power and acts as a foil for My wondrous deeds. It is all a strong testimony that bears witness to Me, and is a weapon with which to attack Satan. Just when all nations of the world are fighting over land and influence, My firstborn sons and I reign as kings together and sort them out, and it is absolutely beyond their imaginings that under these deplorable environmental conditions, My kingdom is realized utterly among man. Furthermore, when they vie for power and are wishing to judge others, others judge them and they are burned by My wrath—how pitiful! How pitiful! My kingdom is realized among man—what a glorious event this is!

Being human (whether the people of My kingdom or the progeny of Satan), you must all see My wondrous deeds, otherwise I shall never put this matter to rest. Even if you are willing to accept My judgment, it will still not do if you have not seen My wondrous deeds. All people must be convinced by heart, by word and by sight, and no one can be allowed to slip by. All people must give glory to Me. In the end, I shall make even the great red dragon rise up and praise Me for My victory. This is My administrative decree—will you remember it? All people must praise Me unendingly and give glory to Me!

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