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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 65

My words constantly strike home, that is they point out your fatal weaknesses, otherwise you would still be dragging your heels, with no idea of what time it is now. Know this! I use the way of love to save you. Regardless of how you are, I will certainly complete the things that I have approved without making any error whatsoever. Can I, the righteous Almighty God, make a mistake? Is this not a conception of man? Tell Me, is everything I do and say not for your sake? Some people will humbly say: “Oh God! You do everything for our sake, but we don’t know how to cooperate with You.” Such ignorance! Saying that you don’t know how to cooperate with Me! They are all shameful lies! Since you say things like this, why, in reality, do you repeatedly show consideration for the flesh? What you say sounds good, but you don’t act in a light-hearted and active way. You must understand this: That which I require of you today is not asking for much, nor is it beyond your grasp, but it is achievable by man. I do not overestimate you at all; do I not know the extent of man’s capabilities? I understand it in perfect clarity.

My words enlighten you constantly, yet your hearts are too hardened and you are unable to grasp My will within your spirits! Tell Me, how many times have I reminded you not to focus on food, clothing and your appearance, but instead to focus on the inner life? But you just don’t listen. I am sick of saying it. Have you become this numb? Are you utterly senseless? Could it be that My words have been spoken in vain? Have I said anything wrong? My sons! Be considerate toward My earnest intentions! When your lives have matured, there will be no need to worry, and everything will be provided. There is no value in focusing on those things right now. My kingdom has been thoroughly realized and it has come down into the world publicly; even more this signifies that My judgment has completely befallen. Have you experienced it? I am loath to judge you, but you show My heart no consideration at all. I wish for that which you obtain constantly to be the care and protection of My love, and not merciless judgment. Could it be that you are willing to be judged? If not, then why don’t you repeatedly get close to Me, fellowship and communicate with Me? You treat Me so coldly, and when Satan gives you ideas you feel elated, thinking that they tally with your own will, but nothing you do is for My sake. Do you desire to always treat Me so cruelly?

It’s not that I don’t wish to give it to you, but that you are not willing to pay the price, so you are empty-handed, holding nothing at all. Do you not see that the work of the Holy Spirit now runs on so quickly? Do you not see that My heart burns with impatience? I ask you to cooperate with Me but you remain unwilling. All disasters will befall one after another; all nations and all places will experience disasters—plague, famine, flood, drought and earthquakes are everywhere. These disasters do not just happen in one or two places, nor will they be over within one or two days, but instead they will extend over a greater and greater area, and the disasters will become more and more severe. During this time all manner of insect plagues will arise in succession, and the phenomenon of cannibalism will occur in all places. This is My judgment on all nations and peoples. My sons! You must not suffer the pain or the hardships of the disasters. I wish for you to soon come of age and take up the burden that lies on My shoulders as quickly as may be; why don’t you understand My will? The work ahead will become more and more strenuous. Are you so hard-hearted as to leave Me with My hands full, to work so hard on My own? I will speak plainer: Those whose lives mature will enter into refuge and will not suffer pain or hardship; those whose lives do not mature must suffer pain and harm. My words are clear enough, aren’t they?

My name must extend in all directions and to all places, that everyone may know My holy name and know Me. People of all walks of life in the US, Japan, Canada, Singapore, the Soviet Union, Macau, Hong Kong and other countries will immediately crowd into China together, searching for the true way. My name has already been testified to them, and I wait only for you to mature as soon as possible so that you may shepherd and lead them. This is why I say that the amount of work ahead will be greater. My name will circulate widely in the wake of the disasters, and if you’re not careful you will lose the share that should be yours; are you not afraid? My name extends out to all religions, all walks of life, all nations and all denominations. This is My work being done in an orderly way, in closely connected links; it all happens by My wise arrangement. I would only wish that you are able to advance with every step, closely following My footsteps.

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