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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 64

You must not understand My words in an absurd way; you should understand My words from all aspects and should try to figure them out more and deliberate them repeatedly, not just for a day or a night. You don’t know wherein My will lies or in what aspect I pay My painstaking price; how can you show consideration toward My will? You people are like this; you’re incapable of going into details, focusing only on the surface and only capable of imitation. How can this be called spirituality? It is merely man’s enthusiasm, it is that which I do not commend and more so is that which I detest. I say to you, all things I detest must be eliminated, must languish in disasters, and must undergo My burning and My judgment. Otherwise people won’t know what “fear” means and will be so debauched, always seeing Me with human eyes—they are so foolish! Getting close to Me and fellowshiping with Me is the best way to remove the ideas of Satan. I wish you all to act in accordance with this rule to avoid being judged and suffering loss in your life.

Man is so hard to deal with, always under the control of outside people, events, and things and under the control of their own conceptions, so that they are unable to bear good witness for Me and unable to cooperate well with Me. I constantly support you and foster you, yet you are just not capable of doing your best to cooperate with Me. All these things amply express your lack of understanding toward Me. When the time comes when you no longer have any doubts about Me at all, then no one can hinder you walking the true way, and no human conceptions can hold you back. Why do I say this? Do you really understand the meaning of My words? Only when I clarify words like these do you have a little understanding. People are this stupid and are so weak in the head. Only when the needle hits the bone do they begin to feel a little pain. That is, only when My words point out the source of your sickness are you completely convinced. Even though this is the case, sometimes you are still unwilling to put My words into practice, and are unwilling to know yourselves. Now at this point, why have you still not perceived how difficult man is to deal with? Is it that My words are not spoken evidently or perfectly clearly? What I want is for you to cooperate with Me earnestly and sincerely; regardless of whether you speak pleasant-sounding words or not, so long as you are willing to cooperate with Me and can worship Me with your true heart, then you will come under My protection. Even if this kind of person is very ignorant I will enlighten them so that they may cast off their ignorance. This is because My actions must conform to what I say; I am the Almighty God who never makes a promise He cannot keep.

My will will immediately be revealed to all churches and all the firstborn sons, never again will anything be hidden, as the day where all is revealed has arrived. That is to say that the word “hidden” will from now on not be used, much less will anything hidden exist. All hidden people, events, and things must be exposed one by one. I am the wise God who wields full authority. All events, all things, and every single person are held within My hands. I take My own steps to uncover them and I will uncover them all one by one, in an orderly way. Whosoever dare to cheat or try to conceal anything from Me, I will ensure they never rise again. I will take action in this way so that you can all see that. See clearly! The painstaking price I have paid is not in vain but will bear fruit. Whosoever does not heed or obey will immediately encounter My judgment. Who still dare go against Me? You must all obey Me. I say to you, everything I say and do, every move, every idea, thought and design I have today are correct, and they leave man no room to consider. Why do I say to you over and over that you need simply follow and that there is no need to think about it any longer? It is for this reason; do you still need Me to clarify it?

Your conceptions hold you back, yet you don’t think that it is because you yourselves have made no effort, instead looking to Me for causes, saying that I haven’t enlightened you—what kind of talk is this? You take no responsibility yourselves, always complaining to Me. I’m warning you! If you carry on this way, not paying any price, then you will be discarded! I don’t talk big all day to intimidate you. This is indeed the fact, and I do what I say. As soon as the words leave My mouth, they immediately begin to be fulfilled. Before, the words I spoke were fulfilled slowly. But now things are different, and things won’t happen slowly anymore. To put it clearly, I no longer push and coax, but instead I spur and force you along. To say it even plainer, those who can keep up do so; those who cannot keep up and cannot walk on will be eliminated. In the past, I spoke to you patiently by every means, but you just didn’t listen. Now that the work has continued up to this stage, what will you do? Are you still indulging yourselves? This kind of person cannot be made complete, but will surely become an object for My elimination!

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