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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 63

Understand your own conditions, and moreover, be clear about the path you need to walk; don’t wait any longer for Me to lift up your ears and point things out to you. I am the God who observes the innermost heart of man and I know your every thought and idea, even more do I understand your actions and behavior. But do your actions and behavior contain My promise? Do they contain My will? Have you really searched this? Have you really spent any time in this regard? Have you really made any effort? I’m not criticizing you. You simply ignore this aspect! You are always so mixed up and cannot see anything clearly. Do you know what the cause for this is? It is because your thoughts are unclear and your conceptions are too firmly entrenched, and add to that the fact that you show no consideration toward My will. Some people will say: “How can You say we show Your will no consideration? We are constantly trying to grasp Your will, but we can never grasp it, so what can we do? Can You really say that we make no effort?” Let Me ask you: Do you dare to say that you are truly loyal to Me? And who dare say that they offer up themselves to Me in perfect loyalty? I fear that not one among you can say this. Because, needless for Me to say, every one of you has your own choices and your own likes, and even more so your own intentions. Don’t be deceitful! I thoroughly understood long ago all that you think in your hearts; do I still need to clarify this? You must examine more from every aspect (your thoughts and ideas, everything you say, every word, every intention and motivation in every move you make); in this way you will achieve entry into every aspect, and even more you will be able to equip yourself with the complete truth.

If I didn’t tell you in this way you would still be befuddled, hankering after carnal pleasures all day long, with no desire whatsoever to show My will any consideration. I am constantly using My loving hand to save you, do you know that? Have you come to this realization? I sincerely love you; dare you say you sincerely love Me? Ask yourself, can you truly come before Me to receive My inspection on your every action? Can you really let Me examine your every conduct? I say you are debauched and you jump to your own defense. My judgment comes upon you; now you should wake up to the truth! All that I speak is the truth, and points out the real conditions within you. Ah, mankind! You are so hard to deal with. Only when I point out your real conditions are you convinced in heart and by word. If I don’t do this, then you always hold fast to your old set of ideas and cling to your ways of thinking, thinking that there is no one on earth smarter than you. Isn’t this just you being self-righteous? Isn’t it you indulging in self-satisfaction and complacency, and being arrogant and conceited? Now you should recognize this! Don’t think yourself smart or extraordinary, but instead you must be constantly aware of your own deficiencies and your own weak points. This way, your resolve to love Me will not diminish, but will become stronger and stronger, and your own conditions will become better and better; more importantly your life will progress ever further, day by day.

When you grasp My will you then know yourself, thereby knowing Me better and progressing further in your certainty about Me. At this current time, if someone cannot achieve ninety percent certainty about Me, but instead continues to be up one minute and down the next, blowing hot and cold, then I say that person is surely an object for abandonment. The remaining ten percent rests entirely with My enlightenment and illumination, thus achieving one hundred percent certainty about Me. Right now, meaning today, how many can achieve this kind of stature? I am constantly revealing My will to you and the feelings of life run continually within you, so why don’t you act according to the Spirit? Are you afraid of making mistakes? So then why don’t you focus on exercise at all? I say to you, you cannot grasp My will by trying once or twice; there must be a process. I have said this many times, so why don’t you put it into practice? Don’t you think you are being disobedient? You want to finish everything in an instant, never willing to make any effort or spend any time on anything. How foolish you are and how even more ignorant you are!

Are you not aware that I constantly talk about things without mincing My words? Why are you always obtuse, numb and dull-witted? You should examine yourselves more, and you should come before Me more often if there is anything you don’t understand. I say to you, I speak in all these different ways in order to lead you before Me; why, after so long, do you still not realize this? Is it because My words have made you all muddled up? Or is it that you have not treated every one of My words seriously? When you see My words you have a good knowledge of yourselves, and you say that you owe Me or that you cannot grasp My will. And afterward? It’s like you’ve had nothing to do with these things, as though you are simply not someone who believes in God. Aren’t you just wolfing down information without giving yourselves time to digest it? When you enjoy My words, it’s like quickly glancing at flowers as you gallop along on horseback, never trying to grasp My will within My words. This is what people are like: They always love to appear humble, and this kind of person is the most hateful. When they get together with others to fellowship, they always love to share their knowledge of themselves in front of other people, making others see that they are someone who shows consideration to My burden, when actually they are the stupidest fools. (They don’t fellowship their true insights or knowledge of Me with their brothers and sisters, but instead they just put themselves on display and show off in front of other people; I loathe these people the most, as they vilify and disparage Me.)

I frequently make My greatest miracles manifest in you—can you not see them? What is called reality is lived out by those who sincerely love Me—have you not seen it? Is this not the best proof through which you can know Me? Does it not bear better witness for Me? But you don’t recognize it. Tell Me, who can live out reality on this promiscuous earth that is dirty, filthy, and corrupted by Satan? Aren’t people all corrupt and empty? Anyway, My words have reached their peak; there are no words that can be more easily understood than these. Even an utter moron could read My words and understand them, so isn’t it that you just haven’t made any effort?

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