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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 38

The visage of My form and the leadership of My words have never been present within human experience, and so this has caused Me always to keep humanity at a distance and, later on, to depart from them. I despise mankind’s disobedience. I do not know why. It seems as if I have hated man since the beginning, and yet I feel deep sympathy for him. And so man has always been divided in his attitude to Me, for I love man, and I also hate him. Who among men shows true understanding of My love? Again, who can understand My hate? In My eyes, man is a dead thing, devoid of life, as if he were a statue made of mud standing in the midst of creation. Because of his disobedience, man provokes My anger from time to time. When I live among men, they give a faint smile when I arrive suddenly, because they are always consciously “seeking” Me, as if I were playing with humanity on earth. They never take Me seriously, and so because of their attitude toward Me I have no choice but to “retire” from the “work unit” of mankind. Nevertheless, I wish to state that, although I “retire,” My “pension” cannot be lacking by a single penny. Because of My “seniority” in the “work unit” of mankind, I continue to demand from them the payment still owing to Me. Although they have left Me, how can they escape My grasp? I once loosened My grip on them to a certain extent, allowing them to freely indulge in their fleshly desires, and only because of this did they dare to behave in an unbridled manner, lost to all restraint, from which it can be seen that they do not truly love Me, for they are all living in the flesh. Can it be that true love is to be purchased with flesh? Can it be that what I ask of man is merely the “love” of the flesh? If this were truly the case, then what value would man have? Human beings are all worthless trash! Were it not for My “supernatural power” of endurance, I would have left mankind long ago—why bother staying with them to be “bullied”? Still I endure. I want to get to the bottom of the business that man is doing. Once My work on the earth is finished, I will ascend high into the sky to judge the “master” of all things; this is My primary work, for My detestation for man has already reached a certain degree. Who would not hate his enemy? Who would not exterminate his enemy? In heaven, Satan is My enemy; on earth, man is My foe. Because of the union between the heaven and earth, I hold them all guilty, unto the ninth degree of kinship, and not a single one will be pardoned. Who told them to resist Me? Who told them to disobey Me? Why is it that humanity cannot sever their lingering ties to their old nature? Why is it that their flesh is always burgeoning within them? All of this is evidence of My judgment of man. Who dares not to submit to the facts? Who dares to say My judgment is “colored by emotion”? I am different from man, so I depart from him, for I simply am not one of the human race.

Everything I do has a basis; when man “reveals” the “true facts” to Me with his mouth, I escort him to the “execution ground,” for mankind’s offense is enough to merit My chastisement. And so I do not blindly mete out chastisement, but chastise man according to the true circumstances of his offense. Otherwise, because of their rebelliousness, humanity would never bow down and admit their guilt to Me. It is only because they have arrived at the present state of affairs that people all reluctantly bow their heads, but in their hearts they remain unconvinced. I have given humanity “barium meal” to drink, and so their internal organs show up nice and clear under the “fluoroscope.” The filth and impurity within human belly have not been eliminated, and all sorts of unclean matter flow through their veins, so the poison within their bodies grow. Since humanity has lived in these circumstances for so many years, they have grown accustomed to them and no longer find them strange. As a result, the germs within their bodies mature, becoming their nature, and everyone lives under their domination. This is why people go running about all over the place like wild horses. However, they never fully concede this, only nodding their heads to indicate their “acceptance.” The truth is that humanity does not take My word to heart. If they took My word as a good remedy, then they would “follow the doctor’s orders,” and allow this remedy to cure the sickness inside them. However, to My mind, the way they behave cannot fulfill this wish, and so all I can do is “bite the bullet” and continue speaking to them regardless of whether they listen or not: I am only doing My duty. Humanity is not willing to enjoy My blessings but would rather undergo the torments of hell, so all I can do is to accede to their request. However, so that My name and My Spirit are not shamed in hell, I will first discipline them and then “submit” to their wishes, making it so they are “filled with delight.” I am not willing to allow man at any time or in any place to shame Me while flying My banner, which is why I discipline him time and time again. Without the constraint of My stern utterances, how would man have been able to continue standing before Me until today? Don’t people refrain from sin only because they fear I will go away? Is it not true that they do not complain only because they fear chastisement? Is there any whose resolutions are made entirely for the sake of My plan? People all think that Mine is a divine nature that lacks “quality of intellect,” but who can grasp that I am able to see through everything in My humanity? As people say, “Why use a sledgehammer to hit a nail?” Men “love” Me, not because their love for Me is inborn, but because they fear chastisement. Who among men was born loving Me? Is there anyone who treats Me as dearly[a] as if I were their own heart? And so I sum this up with a maxim for the human world: Among men, there is no one who loves Me.

It is only because I wish to bring My work on earth to an end that I have accelerated the pace of My work in this way, lest men be flung far away by Me, so far that they fall into the boundless ocean. It is precisely because I have told them the truth of the matter in advance that they are somewhat on guard. If not for this, is there anyone who would raise the sails on the brink of stormy weather? People are all working to take precautions. It is as though, in their hearts, I have become a “robber.” They fear that I will take from them all the things in their homes, and so they push against their “doors” with all the strength they can muster, deathly afraid that I will break in suddenly. Seeing them behave like cowardly rats, I leave in silence. In people’s imagination, it seems the world is about to undergo an “apocalypse,” and so they all flee in disarray, scared out of their wits. It is only at this time that I can see the ghosts wandering everywhere upon the earth. I cannot help but laugh, and amid the sounds of My laughter man is astonished and terror-struck. Only then do I realize the truth of the matter, and so I hold back My smile and cease to look upon what is happening on earth, instead returning to work according to My original plan. No longer do I regard humanity as a model that serves as a specimen for My research, because they are nothing more than scraps. Once I discard them, they no longer have any use—they are bits of waste. At this juncture, I annihilate them and cast them into the fire. In the mind of humanity, My mercy and lovingkindness are contained within My judgment, majesty, and wrath. But little do they know that I have long disregarded their weaknesses, and that I have long since retracted My mercy and lovingkindness, and that is why they are in the state they are in now. No man is able to know Me, nor can he understand My words or see My face, nor can he make sense of My will. Are these not the states in which man now finds himself? Then how can one say I have mercy and lovingkindness? I do not take man’s weakness into consideration, nor do I “take care” of his inadequacies. Could this still be My mercy and lovingkindness? Or could it still be My love for humanity? People all believe that I am expressing politeness to them, and so they do not believe the words I speak. But is there anyone who knows this: “This being a different era, My mercy and lovingkindness do not exist in the present day; nevertheless, I am forever a God who does as He says He will do”? When I am in mankind’s midst, people see Me in their minds as the Most High, and so they believe that I love to speak from within My wisdom. This causes man always to take My word with a grain of salt. But is there anyone who can grasp the rules behind My speech? Or the origins of My words? Is there anyone who can fathom what it is that I actually wish to accomplish? Or who can penetrate the details of the conclusion of My management plan? Who is able to become a confidant to Me? Among all things, who apart from Me can know what exactly I am doing? And who can know what is My ultimate purpose?

April 30, 1992


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “as dearly.”

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