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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 37

Throughout the ages, all the work I have done—every stage of that work—has contained My appropriate methods of work. It is because of this that My beloved people have become more and more pure, and more and more suitable for My use. For the same reason, however, the unfortunate thing is that as My methods of work increase, the number of people decreases, which causes people to sink into contemplation. Of course, My work today is no exception and most people are once again caught up in contemplation, so because of changes to My methods, there are a portion of people who will withdraw. It may be described this way: This was predestined by Me, but not done by Me. From the time of creation up to now, so many people have fallen and so many have lost their way due to the methods of My work, but I do not care about what people are like, whether they feel I am not affectionate or whether they feel I am too cruel, and no matter if people’s understanding is correct or not, I avoid providing an explanation. Let us first have fellowship on the main point of this discussion so that everyone may have a thorough understanding, and so they can avoid any inexplicable suffering. I will not compel people to suffer in silence like a mute. Instead, I will describe everything clearly so people will not complain to Me, and one day all people will utter true praise in the midst of chastisement. Will that work? Does that meet people’s requirements?

In the prologue to the era of chastisement, I shall first tell people the general meaning behind the “era” so that they do not offend Me. Namely, I will make the arrangement for My work, which shall be changed by no one, and I will absolutely not forgive anyone who alters it but will condemn them. Will you remember that? That is all forewarning. In the new methods all people must first understand that the first and foremost thing to achieve is to have an understanding of their own actual conditions. Before having gained a particular understanding of oneself, no one will be allowed to speak carelessly in the church, and I shall surely chastise those who go against this. From this day forward, all apostles shall be listed in the churches and forbidden from running all over the place; that bore little fruit. They all seemed to fulfill their duties but they were actually deceiving Me. Regardless of what the past was like, today it all passes away and must not be brought up again. Henceforth, the term “apostle” shall be abolished and never used again, so all people may come down from their positions and know themselves. This is of course for their salvation. A “position” is not a crown, it is merely a term of address. Do you understand My meaning? Those who lead the churches will still live the church life within their own churches, and of course, this is not a rigid rule. When necessary they may visit churches in coordination with other former apostles. The most crucial thing is that the fellowship of the churches must be increased unless no members of the churches are actually living the life of the church. Nonetheless, I must emphasize that you must all unite to know yourselves and rebel against the great red dragon. This is My intention. It is not important how much people speak, but rather it is crucial that all My people be able to come together as one, which is the only way to truly bear witness. In the past, everyone said they understood themselves, but I’ve uttered countless words, and how much have you understood of yourselves? The higher one’s position, the harder it is for them to put aside themselves. Furthermore, the greater one’s hopes, the more they will suffer during chastisement. This is My salvation of mankind—do you understand? Don’t just take this at face value. Doing so is too shallow and has no value; do you understand the underlying meaning? If people in the church are truly able to understand themselves, this demonstrates that this type of person truly loves Me. It’s like the saying, “If you don’t break bread with the people you will not understand their hardships.” How do you understand these words? In the end, I will make all people gain understanding of themselves during chastisement, and have them sing and laugh during chastisement. Will you truly have the faith to satisfy Me? So what should you do in your practice? From now on, the affairs of each church will be handled by the appropriate persons in that church, and apostles will just live the life of the church. That’s called “experiencing life.” Do you understand?

Before chastisement has officially come upon mankind, I shall first do the “work of greeting” on people so that in the end they may all satisfy Me. Even for those who will withdraw, they must suffer and finish their testimony before leaving, otherwise I will not forgive them. This shows My disposition of intolerance of people’s offenses, and My disposition of accomplishing what I say. Thereby, it fulfills the words from My mouth “I mean what I say, and what I mean shall be accomplished, and what I accomplish shall last forever.” As the words leave My mouth, so does My Spirit begin His work. Who would dare to willfully play with the “toy” held in their hands? People must deferentially and obediently accept My chastisement, and who could escape it? Could there be another road but Me? Today I have allowed you to be upon the earth, and you cheer. Tomorrow I shall allow you into heaven and you will praise. The day after that, I shall have you below the ground where you will be chastised. Aren’t these all requirements of My work? Who does not suffer misfortune, and who does not receive blessings for the sake of My requirements? Could you be the exception? As My people upon the earth, what should you do for My requirements, for My will? Can it be that you praise My holy name with your mouth but in your heart detest Me? Doing work for Me, satisfying My heart, as well as understanding yourself and rebelling against the great red dragon are no easy tasks and you must pay the price to do so. When I say “price” what is your understanding of it? I won’t discuss it now as I do not give direct answers to people. Instead, I allow all of them to mull it over themselves, and afterward, use their actions and behavior to actually answer My questions. Are you able to do that?

April 27, 1992

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