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562 Do You Have True Faith in Christ?

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562 Do You Have True Faith in Christ?

1 You never fully believe the word of Christ and cannot immediately put it into practice. This is the reason you do not have faith in Christ. Always having notions about Him is another reason you do not believe in Him. Forever being skeptical about the work of Christ, letting the word of Christ fall on deaf ears, having an opinion on whatever work is done by Christ and not being able to properly understand it, having difficulty relinquishing notions no matter what explanation you receive, and so on—these are all elements of unbelief mixed in your hearts.

2 Though you follow the work of Christ and never fall behind, there is too much rebellion mixed in your hearts. This rebellion is an impurity in your belief in God. Perhaps you do not agree, but if you cannot recognize your own intentions from it, then you shall surely be among those who will perish. For God perfects only those who truly believe in Him, not those who are skeptical of Him, and least of all those who reluctantly follow Him despite never having believed that He is God.

Adapted from “Are You a True Believer in God?”

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