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704 The Truth About God’s Work of Managing People

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704 The Truth About God’s Work of Managing People

1 You ought to know that God’s perfecting men, completing men, and gaining men have brought nothing but swords and smiting for their flesh, and brought endless suffering, the burning of fire, merciless judgment, chastisement, and curse, as well as boundless trials. Such is the inside story and truth of the work of managing man. However, all these things are aimed against man’s flesh, and all spearheads of hostility are mercilessly directed toward man’s flesh. All of that is for the sake of God’s glory and testimony, and for His management. This is because God’s work is not solely for the sake of mankind, but it is for the entire plan and to fulfill God’s original will when He created mankind.

2 Therefore, perhaps ninety percent of what people experience is sufferings and trials of fire, but there are very few or even no sweet and happy days which man’s flesh has yearned for, and they are even more unable to enjoy happy moments in the flesh spending beautiful evenings with God. The flesh is filthy, so what man’s flesh sees or enjoys is nothing but God’s chastisement which is not favored by man. This is because God will manifest His righteous disposition which is not favored by man, does not tolerate man’s offenses, and loathes enemies. God openly reveals all of His disposition through any means necessary, thereby concluding the work of His six-thousand-year battle with Satan—the work of the salvation of all of mankind and the destruction of the old Satan!

Adapted from “The Purpose of Managing Mankind”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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