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Gospel Song | "A Different Age, Different Divine Work" | Do You Know the Work of God in the New Age? 5:19
2019 Christian Music | "True Faith Comes Only From Knowing God" | Know God From His Words and Work 5:38
2019 Christian Worship Song | "God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth" 4:03
Gospel Song | "People Better Know God Through the Work of Words" | The Power of the Word of God 4:33
Song About Jesus | "Emulate the Lord Jesus" | Jesus Christ Is My Beloved 5:43
Almighty God Is the Lord of All Things | Christian Song "The Status and Identity of God Himself" 4:11
English Gospel Song "Only Those Who Accept the Truth Can Hear God's Voice" 4:16
English Christian Song "God's Love Has Melted My Heart" 5:57
God's Plan | New 2019 Gospel Song "The Purpose of God's Management Work" 5:09
New Gospel Song "The Great Red Dragon Collapses as God's People Grow" | Praise God's Actions 4:57
New Christian Song 2018 "The Incarnate God Leads Mankind Into a New Era" 4:17
English Christian Song 2018 "God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man" 4:31
Christian Worship Song "God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory" 6:04
Praise and Worship Song 2018 | Praise God for His Great Grace | "God's Humbleness Is So Lovable" 3:36
English Christian Song 2018 "Do You Know God's Work" 3:46
Christian Worship Song "God's Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth" 6:21
English Gospel Song 2018 "How to Know the Appearance and Work of Christ of the Last Days" 3:39
Gospel Song 2018 "All Things Are in God's Hand" 4:33