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Gospel Movie “Break Through the Snare” – Why Pastors and Elders Convict the Eastern Lightning

Gospel Movie "Break Through the Snare" - Why Pastors and Elders Convict the Eastern Lightning

Revealing the Truth   1853  


Why do the pastors and elders of the religious world resist and convict Almighty God? It is because they hate, are hostile towards and cannot accept the truth that Almighty God incarnate expresses. This is why they deny, convict and resist Christ. This exposes the satanic essence they have that hates the truth. The truth that Christ expresses is enormously powerful and authoritative. It can awaken and save the human race as well as cause the people to break away from all the forces of Satan and return to God. This is why, in order to protect their own fame, profit and status, the leaders of the religious world nail Christ to the cross again. These are the true fact and essence about how the leaders of the religious world serve God yet resist God at the same time.


2,000 years ago, when the Lord Jesus did the work of redemption, He suffered wild slander and condemnation by the Jewish religious community. The Jewish leaders joined forces with the Roman government and nailed Him to the cross. In the last days, Almighty God—the Lord Jesus returned in the flesh—has arrived in China to do the work of judgment. Again, He faces the frenzied condemnation, suppression, and arrest this time by the Chinese Communist government and the religious world. The widespread rumors and misconceptions that judge and defame The Church of Almighty God are like an invisible snare, enshrouding and controlling innumerable believers. The tragedy of history repeats itself …

The heroine of this movie is one of those countless believers. When she first heard Almighty God's gospel of the last days, she was confused by the rumors of the CCP government and the religious leaders. She was trapped, lost in her confusion … After several intense debates, Almighty God's words led her to realize the truth, and she was finally able to see through the actual facts behind the rumors. She broke through the snare and beheld the appearance of the true God …