2020 Christian Testimony Video | "Untying the Heart's Knots"

June 27, 2021

The main character performs the duty of gospel preaching, and when Sister Wang, the deacon of gospel work, sees some issues with her and states them outright, she feels that she looks so bad in front of others. She then develops a chip on her shoulder about Sister Wang. She not only pays no heed to Sister Wang, but even spreads her complaints and prejudices about Sister Wang among brothers and sisters. As a result, some of them start shunning Sister Wang and the gospel work suffers a loss. By reading God's words, she realizes that what she exposes in refusing Sister Wang's reminder and help and even attacking and excluding her is a ferocious disposition. She feels so remorseful and prays to God and repents. After that, she opens up to Sister Wang in fellowship, and the knots tying her heart are finally undone.

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