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324 When Lightning Flashes From the East

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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324 When Lightning Flashes From the East

Verse 1

When all people are taking heed,

when all things are renewed and revived,

when man obeys God without qualms,

willing to shoulder God’s burden—

this is when eastern lightning comes forth,

lighting up all from East to the West,

frightening all of earth with this light.

At this time, God starts His new life.

Pre-chorus 1

Now God begins the new work on earth,

stating to man of the universe:

Chorus 1

When lightning comes forth from the East,

it’s the moment God starts to speak.

The moment when lightning comes forth,

the empyrean is lit, all stars change,

all stars change, yeah they change.

Verse 2

From when God’s witnessed to when He starts work

to when divinity rules the whole earth,

this is the shaft of eastern lightning,

which shines out to the whole universe.

When earthly kingdoms belong to Christ

is when the universe is brightened.

Now’s the time eastern lightning shines:

God in flesh works, He speaks divinely.

Pre-chorus 2

When God begins to speak on earth

is when eastern lightning comes forth.

Chorus 2

When living water flows from the throne,

when the voice from the throne begins,

is precisely when the words of the seven Spirits begin.

Verse 3

Now eastern lightning starts to shine;

because of the difference in time,

the degree of brightness varies,

limiting the scope of radiance.

But as His work and His plan shift—

as His work on His sons, people varies—

the light does its inherent role,

the universe glows with no dregs.


This is the fruit of God’s 6,000-year plan,

the very thing enjoyed by God.

When God’s light brightens all the earth,

all things in heaven, earth change.

Chorus 3

And the stars in the sky will change,

the sun and moon will be renewed,

and man on earth will then be renewed—

this is God’s work in heaven and earth.

And the stars in the sky will change,

the sun and moon will be renewed,

and man on earth will then be renewed—

this is God’s work in heaven and earth.

Adapted from “Chapter 12” of Interpretations of the Mysteries

of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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