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951 Why Does Man Always Make Demands of God?

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951 Why Does Man Always Make Demands of God?

1 Regardless of what happens to them, or what they’re dealing with, people always protect their own interests and look out for their own flesh, and they always look for reasons or excuses that serve them. They are without the slightest truth, and everything they do is in order to justify their own flesh and in consideration of their own prospects. They all claim grace from God, trying to gain whatever advantage they can. And why do they make excessive demands of God? This proves that people are naturally greedy. They are not possessed of any sense before God, and in everything they do—whether they are praying or communing or preaching—in what they pursue, and in their inner thoughts and their desires, they make demands of God and claim things from Him, hoping to gain something from Him. This has to do with human nature.

2 That people make too many demands of God and have too many extravagant desires relating to Him proves that within them there is none of the sense that ought to be possessed by humanity. They make these demands and claims for their own sakes, or else they try to justify and look for excuses for their own sakes. In many things it can be seen that everything they do is totally devoid of sense, which is full proof of the satanic logic of “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” What problem is proven by people’s excessive demands of God? It proves the extent of their corruption by Satan, which means that, in their belief in God, people don’t treat Him as God at all. Externally, you follow God, yet in your attitude toward Him, and in many matters and many of your views, you don’t treat Him like the Creator at all.

Adapted from “People Make Too Many Demands of God”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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