690 Are You Willing to Give God the Love in Your Heart?

1 If someone believes in God but doesn’t have an object of pursuit, then their life comes to naught, and when the time comes for them to die, they have only the blue sky and the dusty earth to look at. Is that a meaningful life? If you are able to meet God’s requirements while you are living, is this not a beautiful thing? Why are you always seeking out trouble? Within the promise I have made with God, I simply give My heart to Him and I am only willing to comfort the God that I love with My heart, so that His Spirit in heaven may be comforted. The heart may be valuable but love is more precious. I am willing to give the most precious love in My heart to God so that what He enjoys is the most beautiful thing I have, that He may be fulfilled by the love that I offer up to Him.

2 Are you willing to give your love to God for Him to enjoy? Are you willing to make this your own capital for survival? What I see from My experience is that the more love I give to God, the more I feel that I am living with joy, and I have boundless strength, I am willing to sacrifice My entire body and mind, and always feel that I cannot possibly love God enough. If you truly want to love God, you will always have more love to give back to Him. If that’s the case, what person and what thing can possibly stand in the way of your love for God? God sees all of mankind’s love as precious; He heaps even more of His blessings on all those who love Him. This is because man’s love is so hard to come by, there is so little of it.

Adapted from “The Path … (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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