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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

1The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared
2All Nations Come to Your Light
3All of Mankind, Come to Worship God
4Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work
5Christ’s Kingdom Has Descended on Earth
6O Practical God My Good Beloved
7Practical God, Now I Have You
8Let’s See Who Testifies God Better
9Come and Praise God
10God’s Kingdom Has Come to the Earth
11The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan
12My Beloved, Please Wait for Me
13I’ve Finally Beheld God
14Song of Heartfelt Attachment
15My Life Is Free and Released
16God’s Love Spreads All Over the World
17Song of Sweet Love
18The True Love of God
19Clear and Pure Is the Water by God’s Throne
20We Will Follow Closely
21Right Here, Right Now, We Get Together
22If I Were Not Saved by God
23For Whom Man Should Live
24I’m on the Real Path of Life
25Our Life Is Not in Vain
26Practical God My Heart Belongs to You
27O God I Miss You Every Day
28Come Before God Often
29I Will Let You Dwell in My Heart for All Time
30I Will Repay God’s Love
31The Prayer of God’s People
32I’m Willing to Perform My Duty Faithfully
33-1Follow God Along the Rough Path
33-2Follow God Along the Rough Path
34Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death
35O God, You Know I’m Missing You
36I’m Resolved to Follow God
37For Tomorrow’s Hope
38Marching on the Path of Loving God
39I Wish to See the Day God Gains Glory
40Walking on the Right Way of Human Life
41I Have Seen God’s Loveliness
42How to Retrieve the Lost Salvation
43God’s Mercy Allows Me to Be Revived Again
44I Want to Love God More Deeply
46Always Yearn for God’s Love
47To Love God Is My Wish
49I Want to Sing for God
50My Heart Will Desire Nothing More
51Offer Love to God
52God Saved Me
53Oh God! I Want to Be Your Close Friend
54The Heart’s Voice of a Created Being
55I Will Love God to Eternity
58Praise God for Gaining Glory
80Almighty God, Our Beloved One
90God’s Love Encircles My heart
292The People of the Heavenly Kingdom