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240 Going Nowhere Away From God’s Words

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240 Going Nowhere Away From God’s Words

1 I ponder God’s words and earnestly reflect on myself. God has elevated me to perform a duty in order to train me. But I’ve used this opportunity to show off. When my work bears a little fruit, I even change the way I walk and talk. I profess to give all glory to God but count up my own contributions. I always believe in my gifts but don’t genuinely pray to God. Not seeking the truth in all things, I hit wall after wall. Only after falling into darkness have I seen how pathetic and in need I am. Oh God! I finally know that I can do nothing without You.

2 I never knew the importance of principles in handling matters. I always felt that all things could be done through gifts. I now have experienced that away from God’s words, I go nowhere. Relying on gifts in work without seeking the truth is certain to fail. Without submission and love for God, performing my duty is futile. I shamelessly went against my conscience and stole glory from God, I even showed off and paraded myself. How is that a heart of reverence for God? Not pursuing the truth, insisting on my own way, how could I not stumble? Oh God! Your judgment has allowed me to know Your righteous disposition.

3 I am so rebellious, but God still enlightens and guides me. Seeing God’s love and mercy I feel greater regret and indebtedness. I am so paltry and lowly, just a speck of dust. I ought to repay God when I am able to perform the duty of a created being. I hate that in the past I performed my duty without seeking the truth. Losing so many chances to be perfected truly wounded God’s heart. Only after being fully steeped in bitterness did I know what a treasure the truth is. Only after being pruned and dealt with by God did I know how deeply corrupted I am. I am willing to give my all to pursue the truth, accept God’s judgment, and be cleansed. I’ll offer up all of myself to fulfill my duty to comfort God’s heart.

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