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After Many Twists and Turns, I Finally Welcome the Second Coming of Jesus


By Xinzao, South Korea

Editor’s Note: The Lord Jesus has returned, and this is a matter that stirs the hearts of man. It was only after many twists and turns, however, that she was finally able to be reunited with the Lord. On her journey to welcome the Lord, who was it trying to obstruct her? Let’s take a journey of our own into her story …

When we lived in China, my husband and I believed in the Lord as members of a house church, and later we came to South Korea together for work. Since the churches here in Korea were becoming increasingly desolate, we stopped attending church altogether. After my daughter was born, we both hoped she would build a foundation of faith while she was a child, so we decided to attend meetings at a Korean Presbyterian Church near our home.

One day in January 2018, Sister Wang from the church brought Sister Lin to my home. Sister Lin testified to my husband and me that the Lord Jesus had returned and was performing the work of judgment beginning in the house of God. Hearing this, I thought: “Which church does she belong to? It surprises me that she is bearing witness that the Lord Jesus has returned and is performing a new work.” Just then, Sister Lin took out a book from her handbag and gave it to me. Its name was The Scroll Opened by the Lamb and, when I saw this, it reminded me that it is mentioned many times in the New Testament that the Lord Jesus is the Lamb and that He became the sin offering for mankind. I was therefore curious, and I wanted to see what the book was all about. Sister Lin said: “The words in this book are all the truth and they are what the Spirit says to the churches that was prophesied in Revelation; they are not words that any human being could possibly speak. It is only Christ in the flesh who could express these truths.” Sister Lin then read for us a passage from the preface of the book and she showed us some dance and song videos of The Church of Almighty God using her mobile phone.

The brothers and sisters in the dance and song videos were so lively and full of vitality, and they made me feel positively uplifted. The words the sister had read from the book’s preface were also very practical and clear, and I began to be interested in The Church of Almighty God. However, when during Sister Lin’s following fellowship I learned that The Church of Almighty God is Eastern Lightning, my mind was suddenly cast back to ten years before when my pastors had stressed again and again during gatherings not to have any contact with Eastern Lighting. Thinking of this, I became alert instantly and couldn’t sit still. However, then I thought: “What Sister Lin is fellowshiping is in line with the Bible and it is also enlightened; why should I be on my guard?” I then felt a bit confused and didn’t know what to do for the best. At that moment, Sister Lin seemed to know what I was thinking and said to me with a smile: “Sister, the Lord Jesus said, ‘My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me’ (John 10:27). In approaching the big event of the Lord’s return, we should not blindly trust in what others say, but instead we must be wise virgins and focus on hearing the voice of God. We need to investigate whether the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth and are God’s voice. Only then will we be able to recognize the Lord and not miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return.” My husband, who was sitting to one side, also advised me to look into the way first. I felt that what Sister Lin said made sense, and I thought: “The Lord’s return is indeed such a big event that I must treat it with care. I shouldn’t lightly come to any conclusions. If Almighty God is actually the returned Lord Jesus and I blindly abandon Him like this, won’t I offend the Lord?” Thinking this, my heart calmed down a little. When Sister Lin was about to leave, she invited my husband and me to visit the local church of Almighty God to investigate the way for ourselves. She also gave us a copy of the book, The Scroll Opened by the Lamb, and asked us to read it first. I thought: “Yes, if I don’t read Almighty God’s words, how can I determine whether or not Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned?” So, we accepted the book.

Afterward, my husband and I read the book whenever we had time. From Almighty God’s words, we came to understand the inside story of the Bible and the correct approach one should have to the Bible, and we also came to understand such truths as how God works to save mankind in the last days. We saw that the words of Almighty God are bountiful and that they have unveiled all truths and mysteries, and so we found answers to the questions which had confused us for over ten years since we had started believing in the Lord. My husband and I were very excited, and we decided to go to the local church of Almighty God and look into it this weekend.

One day, my husband happened to see a lot of negative news about The Church of Almighty God while he was browsing the web. In particular, when I read what the CCP government was saying, that The Church of Almighty God was founded by a certain Zhao, that it is an organization of man, and I read about the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case, I became paralyzed as if a basin of cold water had been poured on my fervent heart. I thought to myself: “Why is there so much negative propaganda online about The Church of Almighty God? If what it says online really is true, we’d better not go to the church or look into it.” However, once I had told my husband what I’d been thinking, he said: “How can we believe the words of the CCP government? Have you forgotten how the CCP government also condemned the house churches when we were in China? So, only after we actually look into this way can we correctly decide whether what it says online are rumors or facts. If we listen only to one side, we might miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return. Then it would be too late for regret.” I felt his words made sense. Also, having spent some time reading Almighty God’s words, I’d found that His words always enjoined people to pursue the truth and walk the right path of life. But when I thought of all that negative news on the Internet, I was still very scared. Finally, I decided not to go visit The Church of Almighty God or look into it. My husband saw that he couldn’t change my mind, so he invited Sister Lin to our home and asked her to fellowship with us.

After Many Twists and Turns, I Finally Welcome the Second Coming of Jesus

The following day, Sister Lin came. I told her about my misgivings and about the negative propaganda we’d seen on the Internet. She said: “Sister, the CCP is an atheist revolutionary party. It simply does not acknowledge the existence of God, much less does it acknowledge the fact that God has become flesh and is working to save mankind. Instead, it does its utmost to deny, slander and condemn God’s work, and we can see this from the fact that it has frantically suppressed and persecuted Christianity and Catholicism ever since the founding of the nation. The Lord Jesus has now returned as Christ of the last days—Almighty God—and He has expressed millions of words in order to cleanse and save man. The CCP, however, spreads the heretical fallacy that ‘The Church of Almighty God is an organization of man’ in order to vilify both God and His church. What kind of problem is this, and how should we be discerning this fallacy? In Classic Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom, there is a sermon that says, ‘Who founded Christianity and Catholicism? Could it be Paul or Peter who was the founder? Who founded Judaism? Could it be Moses? Isn’t it absurd? You atheists have never acknowledged the existence of God, not to mention the fact of God’s incarnation. No matter the incarnate Christ has expressed how much truth, accomplished how much work, and brought how much salvation to mankind, don’t you all endeavor to deny, cover up and condemn Him? Do you think that Christianity and Catholicism were founded by man, so these are organizations of man? This is your greatest absurdity. Had the Lord Jesus not appeared to work, no believers or followers of the Lord would have been engendered, let alone the creation of Christianity. Isn’t this the fact? How could the apostles have created a church on the merit of their own giftedness alone? Can you go by people’s reception of the leadership and shepherding of Peter, John and other apostles and say that Christianity was founded by the apostles and it is an organization of man? The Church of Almighty God was begotten entirely by the appearance and work of Almighty God. It was because people heard the voice of God from many truths expressed by Almighty God that they returned before God and coalesced into the church. Upon appearing to work, Almighty God personally witnessed the man used by the Holy Spirit, who is the leader of The Church of Almighty God. Just as Moses in the Age of Law and the apostles in the Age of Grace, he is the man used by God to do his duty to water, shepherd and lead the chosen people of God. Your Communist Party denies God’s work and all the truths expressed by God, even denying that the One believed in and followed by the chosen people of God is the incarnate God. Isn’t there an ulterior motive? Had it not been the appearance and work of Almighty God, The Church of Almighty God would not have been begotten, and it would not exist. This is an undeniable fact. The CCP is consciously aware that the Christians of The Church of Almighty God pray in the name of Almighty God. What they read and communicate in congregation is the word of Almighty God. Why does the CCP still tell such glaring lies? The One God’s chosen people of The Church of Almighty God believe in is Almighty God. God’s chosen people follow the leadership of the man who is used by the Holy Spirit according to the word of Almighty God. This is a fact.’”

Sister Lin continued her fellowship, saying, “We now understand that The Church of Almighty God arose because God became flesh, appeared and began to perform His work in the last days; it was established entirely by Christ of the last days—Almighty God—Himself, it is led and shepherded by Almighty God Himself, and was not set up by any man. As brothers and sisters in The Church of Almighty God, although we accept the leadership and shepherding of the man used by God, the One we follow and obey is still Almighty God, and the words we read and enjoy at meetings are still the words of Almighty God. The CCP, however, insists that The Church of Almighty God is an organization of man, and it says this with the aim to conceal and deny the fact of God’s appearance and work in the last days and to deceive the people of the world into not seeking or investigating the true way, thereby causing them to lose God’s salvation in the last days. At the same time, the CCP also does this to make the claim that The Church of Almighty God is an organization of man as the basis of public opinion for it to attack, suppress and ban The Church of Almighty God, and arrest and persecute Christians. But what comes from God will always flourish, and no enemy force may ever obstruct the work of God. Since 1991 when Almighty God formally appeared to do His work in China, the CCP government has never stopped suppressing and persecuting The Church of Almighty God. However, God’s kingdom gospel has still spread spectacularly. In just a matter of over two decades, the gospel has spread across all of mainland China. Now, the kingdom gospel of Almighty God has spread to all the nations of the world and many branches of the church have been established in foreign countries. This is entirely the fruit of God’s work. Sister, as long as we quiet our hearts and contemplate, it’s easy for us to see through the CCP’s despicable intent behind this heretical fallacy it puts out.”

Later, in response to my confusion about the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case, Sister Lin played for me a video called The Truth Exposed Behind the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case, which analyzed every questionable point and allowed people to clearly recognize it as nothing but a false case. In the video, a section of commentary said: “Before implementing crackdowns on a group, the CCP creates accusations so that they can sway public opinion and let it become legal foundation. This was all to deceive the public and pave the way for ensuing suppression. To suppress and ban The Church of Almighty God and ban all house churches in the country, they did the same thing and created the Zhaoyuan case to sway public opinion. That is the CCP’s plan in engineering this case. Anyone discerning can see what they’re trying to do. Unsurprisingly, After the case occurred, the CCP launched an escalating and comprehensive, brutal operation, suppressing The Church of Almighty God.” At that moment, I suddenly saw the light. I realized that the CCP was the invisible hand that had concocted the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case. Through the sister’s fellowship, I came to discern the rumors on the Internet and the despicable intent of the CCP behind its discrediting, smearing and framing The Church of Almighty God. Therefore, my husband and I agreed on a time with Sister Lin to visit the local church of Almighty God.

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