What are good deeds? What are the manifestations of good deeds?

November 6, 2017

What are good deeds? What are the manifestations of good deeds

Relevant Words of God:

If you possess the truth, you can follow God. If you have living out, you can be a manifestation of God’s word. If you have the life, you can enjoy God’s blessing. Those who possess the truth can enjoy God’s blessing. God ensures redress for those who love Him wholeheartedly as well as enduring hardships and sufferings, not for those who only love themselves and have fallen prey to Satan’s deceptions. How can there be goodness in those who do not love the truth? How can there be righteousness in those who only love the flesh? Are not righteousness and goodness all in reference to the truth? Are they not reserved for those who wholeheartedly love God?

Excerpted from “Only the Perfected Can Live a Meaningful Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Before I leave you, I must still exhort you to refrain from doing that which is not in accordance with the truth. Rather, you should do that which is pleasing to all, that which brings benefit to all, and that which benefits your own destination, otherwise the one who suffers in the midst of disaster will be none other than yourself.

Excerpted from “Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who are capable of putting the truth into practice can accept God’s scrutiny in their actions. When you accept God’s scrutiny, your heart is set right. If you only ever do things for others to see and do not accept God’s scrutiny, do you have God in your heart? People like this are without a God-fearing heart. Don’t always do things for your own sake, don’t always consider your own interests, and don’t consider your own status, face or reputation. You must first consider the interests of God’s house and make that your first priority; you should be considerate of God’s will, reflect on whether or not you are thinking of the work of God’s house and on whether or not you have performed your duty well. When you are always considering the work of God’s house in your heart and thinking of the life entry of your brothers and sisters, then you will be able to perform your duty well. Only when your caliber is poor, your experience is shallow, or you are not well versed with your tasks, then there may be some mistakes or deficiencies in your work, and the results may not be very good, but you have applied all your strength. When you are not considering your own interests in the things you do, but are instead at all times considering the work of God’s house, thinking of the interests of God’s house and performing your duty well, you will then be accumulating good deeds before God. Those who have these good deeds are those who possess the reality of the truth, and thus they have testimony.

Excerpted from “You Can Obtain Truth After Turning Your True Heart Over to God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

If you are truly possessed of conscience, then you must have a burden, and a sense of responsibility. You must say: “Regardless of whether I will be conquered or made perfect, I must bear this step of testimony properly.” As a creature of God, one can be utterly conquered by God, and ultimately, they are able to satisfy God, repaying God’s love with a heart that loves God and by completely devoting themselves to God. This is the responsibility of man, it is the duty that ought to be performed by man, and the burden that ought to be borne by man, and man must complete this commission. Only then do they truly believe in God.

Excerpted from “Practice (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In the church, stand firm in your testimony to Me, uphold the truth; right is right and wrong is wrong. Do not confuse black and white. You shall be at war with Satan and must completely vanquish it so that it never rises again. You must give everything you have to protect My testimony. This shall be the goal of your actions—do not forget this.

Excerpted from “Chapter 41” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You should each do your own duty to the best of your ability, with open and honest hearts, and be willing to pay whatever price is necessary. As you have said, when the day comes, God will not be remiss toward anyone who has suffered or paid a price for Him. This kind of conviction is worth holding on to, and it is right that you should never forget it. Only in this way can I put My mind at ease about you. Otherwise, you will forever be people about whom I cannot put My mind at ease, and you will forever be the objects of My distaste. If all of you can follow your conscience and give your all for Me, sparing no effort for My work, and devoting the energy of a lifetime to My gospel work, then will My heart not often leap for joy on your account? This way, I will be able to put My mind entirely at ease regarding you, won’t I?

Excerpted from “On Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You can devote your heart and body and all of your genuine love to God, place them before Him, be completely obedient toward Him, and be absolutely considerate to His will. Not for the flesh, not for family, and not for your personal desires, but for the interests of God’s household. In everything you can take God’s word as the principle, as the foundation. That way, your intentions and your perspectives will all be in the right place, and you will be someone who gains God’s praise before Him.

Excerpted from “Those Who Truly Love God Are Those Who Can Submit Absolutely to His Practicality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

The Twenty Good Deeds That God’s Chosen People Must Prepare:

1. Frequently fellowship on the truth to resolve problems for God’s chosen people in the church life, constantly support those who truly believe in God to help them understand the truth and enter into reality. This is a good deed, and only this is real love.

2. If you are not transactional or reward-seeking in doing your duty, you have no other kinds of motives, do not go through the motions, and there are practical results, this is a good deed. Only those who do their duty in this way are truly expending themselves for God.

3. If those who have been wrongly isolated or expelled from the church are found to be good people, strive to help and support them and accept them back into the church. This is a good deed. Receiving brothers and sisters from other places who are seeking the church, and being able to eat and drink the words of God and live the church life together with them is also a good deed.

4. Working your heart out, forgetting to eat and sleep so that God’s chosen people who truly believe in God may understand the truth, enter into reality and grow in life—this is a good deed. This is the reality that those who serve God and are truly considerate of God’s will should possess.

5. Focus on evangelism, bear witness to God’s work whenever you encounter a suitable person. Preaching the gospel as much as possible to gain more people is a good deed. If you can bring before God a few good people with true faith who are able to really pursue the truth, this is even more of a good deed.

6. If you discover that an evil person is disruptive to the church, employ all kinds of wisdom to block and restrict them from doing evil. Use the truth and wisdom to deal with chaos and ensure that the church life can proceed as usual. This is a good deed.

7. No matter what problems arise in the church, standing by God’s side, safeguarding the work of God, and protecting the life entry of God’s chosen people is a good deed. If you are able to use the truth to resolve problems so that God’s chosen people are able to understand the truth and discern good and evil, that is even more so a good deed.

8. Being able to bluntly expose and refute the wicked who dare to judge, attack, and oppose the man whom the Holy Spirit uses and upholding God’s work is a good deed. Anyone using the truth to resolve the disruptions of all kinds of wicked people and antichrists and bringing benefit to God’s chosen people is even more of a good deed.

9. Seeking the truth upon discovering various fallacies and heresies within the church, refuting and criticizing them according to the words of God, keeping God’s chosen people free from harm, and helping them achieve edification and growth in life—this is a good deed.

10. If it is discovered that true believers in God who are willing to pursue the truth have been deceived or controlled, it is a good deed to do everything possible to rescue them, to patiently fellowship on the truth so they can escape the hands of the wicked, truly return to God, and forsake darkness for light.

11. If it is found that there really is a false leader or antichrist lording it over others and trying to establish an independent kingdom, it is a good deed to immediately report it and contact people who understand the truth in order to save God’s chosen people from the harm of Satan, the devil.

12. When an adverse environment happens, making every effort to protect God’s chosen people, making appropriate arrangements for the money and goods of God’s house, and protecting God’s offerings from falling into the hands of Satan and the great red dragon is a good deed. He who does this is someone who safeguards the work of God and is truly devoted to God.

13. It is a good deed to provide cover for true believers to prevent their arrest and make use of all connections to rescue those brothers and sisters who have been arrested. It is even more of a good deed to employ wisdom to safeguard the church life and protect God’s chosen people during adverse environment.

14. When you see that those brothers and sisters who truly expend themselves for God and pursue the truth encounter hardships and difficulties, it is a good deed to throw everything into seeing them through the storm. It is also a good deed to be able to help leaders and workers who expend themselves for God full time and whose families are in difficulty.

15. It is a good deed if you can try every possible means to receive and help brothers and sisters who are being pursued and are wanted without fear of the dangers or the price you may pay, and if you are able to endure all kinds of nitpicking, nastiness and troubles from others in the course of fulfilling your duty so that you may satisfy God.

16. It is a good deed to organize brothers and sisters who are true believers and pursue the truth to eat and drink the words of God, have fellowship on the truth, and live a church life in trials. It is even more of a good deed to support the weak brothers and sisters to understand the truth and stand witness through trials and disasters.

17. Exposing and reporting evil people who steal offerings and embezzle the property of God’s house is a good deed. This prevents the loss of offerings to God and the property of God’s house. Protecting God’s offerings from falling into the hands of the wicked and being embezzled by people with ulterior motives is also a good deed.

18. It is a good deed to spare no effort to coordinate in the implementation of work arrangements from the man used by the Holy Spirit as well as to resolve all kinds of practical problems of God’s chosen people in the church, and to do a great deal of practical work in order to safeguard God’s work and bring God’s chosen people onto the correct path of faith.

19. Actively cooperating with the leading and shepherding of the man used by the Holy Spirit, launching a life-and-death battle with false leaders and antichrists for the sake of bringing God’s chosen people onto the right track of believing in God, paying a price to safeguard God’s work and achieving results—these are all classified as good deeds.

20. Being able to discern and determine false leaders and antichrists according to work arrangements, expose them according to the truth, and persuade them to resign so as to avoid greater harm to God’s chosen people is a good deed. Helping and protecting those leaders who have transgressions, but are capable of genuine repentance and possess good humanity so that they can continue to do their duty is also a good deed.

Excerpted from Work Arrangements

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