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957 How God Measures Changes in People’s Dispositions

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957 How God Measures Changes in People’s Dispositions

1 A transformation in disposition does not happen overnight, and once you understand the truth you can’t necessarily put it into practice within every environment. This involves man’s nature. There are many people who, once they have certain outward behaviors, believe “Am I not fulfilling my duties? Did I not forsake my family and job? Am I not putting the truth into practice by fulfilling my duties?” But God doesn’t recognize that you are putting the truth into practice. All those whose actions are tainted by personal motives and aims are not practicing the truth. Strictly speaking, this kind of behavior will probably be condemned by God; it will not be praised or remembered by Him. Dissecting this further, you are doing evil and your behavior is in opposition to God.

2 From the outside, these things you are doing seem to conform to the truth: You are not interrupting or disturbing anything and you haven’t done real damage or violated any truth. It appears to be logical and reasonable, yet the essence of your actions pertains to doing evil and resisting God. Therefore you should determine whether there has been a change in your disposition and whether you are putting the truth into practice by looking at the intentions behind your actions in light of God’s words. It is not determined by human words or opinions. Rather, it depends on God saying whether or not you are conforming to His will, whether or not your actions possess the reality of the truth, and whether or not they meet His requirements and standards. Only measuring yourself against God’s requirements is accurate.

Adapted from “What You Should Know About Transforming Your Disposition”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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