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580 Man’s Inherent Identity and His Worth

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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580 Man’s Inherent Identity and His Worth

1 You were separated out from mud and at any rate, you were selected from the dregs, filthy and hated by God. You belonged to Satan and were once trampled upon and tainted by it. That is why it is said that you were separated out from mud, and you are not holy, but instead are non-human objects out of which Satan had long made fools. This is the most appropriate description for you. You must realize that you are impurities found in stagnant water and mud, as opposed to desirable catches like fish and shrimp, for no enjoyment can be derived from you.

2 You are members of the lowest social class, animals worse than pigs and dogs. Frankly speaking, to address you in such terms is not overstatement or exaggeration, but it is a way to simplify the issue. To address you in such terms is actually a way to pay you respect. Your insight, speech, behavior as men, and all things in your life—including your status in the mud—are sufficient to prove that your identity is “extraordinary.”

Adapted from “Man’s Inherent Identity and His Worth: What Are They Really Like?”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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