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Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

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During His work of the last days, Almighty God has expressed millions of words that have now been arranged into the three books: The Word Appears in the Flesh, and Records of Christ’s Talks. These books are extremely rich in content, and they are of great importance and are extremely valuable to people’s knowledge of God’s work, of God’s disposition and of His essence. Because there are so many of God’s words, with only the one book The Word Appears in the Flesh having an equivalent word count to the Bible, so as to facilitate people’s pursuit of the truth, their understanding of God’s words and their knowledge of God’s work, we have therefore selected from these three books some comparatively classic and well-known passages of God’s words for the enjoyment of all those who believe in God and who seek the truth, so that God’s words may become their life mottos and their life’s reality. We have experienced God’s work of the last days for over 20 years and we have understood much truth from within God’s words, have true knowledge of God’s management plan to save mankind (including the three stages of work), and even more we have come to appreciate God’s principally righteous disposition. God’s utterances and work in the last days are crucial to people gaining salvation and breaking away from the influence of Satan through their belief in God. If corrupt mankind does not go through the purification and perfection of God’s judgment and chastisement, then they will be absolutely incapable of truly knowing God, and they will be just like the Jewish chief priests, scribes and Pharisees, enjoying God’s grace but not knowing Him, serving God but defying Him, and they will even nail Christ of the last days to the cross again—this is an undeniable fact. Who knows how many leaders, pastors and elders of the religious world are now condemning God’s work of the last days, and is this not the fact of Christ being nailed to the cross again? The words expressed by Almighty God in the last days are crucial for corrupt mankind’s salvation and for them to gain a true knowledge of God. Almighty God said: “In this portion of utterances (note that this portion refers to God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe, part Two of The Word Appears in the Flesh), God expresses His words from the perspective of the Spirit. The manner in which He speaks is unattainable by created mankind. Moreover, the vocabulary and style of His words are beautiful and moving, and no form of human literature could take their place. The words with which He exposes man are accurate, they are irrefutable by any philosophy, and they bring all people into submission. Like a sharp sword, the words with which He judges man cut straight to the depths of people’s souls, even leaving them with no place to hide. The words with which He comforts people carry mercy and lovingkindness, they are warm as a loving mother’s embrace, and they make people feel secure as never before. The single greatest characteristic of these utterances is that, during this stage, God does not speak using the identity of Jehovah or Jesus Christ, nor of Christ of the last days. Instead, using His inherent identity—the Creator—He speaks to and teaches all those who follow Him and have yet to follow Him. It is fair to say that this was the first time since the creation that God had addressed all mankind. Never before had God spoken to created mankind in such detail and so systematically. Of course, this was also the first time He had spoken so much, and for so long, to all mankind. It was totally unprecedented. What’s more, these utterances were the first text expressed by God among mankind in which He exposed people, guided them, judged them, and spoke heart-to-heart to them and so, too, were they the first utterances in which God let people know His footsteps, the place in which He lies, God’s disposition, what God has and is, God’s thoughts, and His concern for mankind. It can be said that these were the first utterances that God had spoken to mankind from the third heaven since the creation, and the first time that God had used His inherent identity to appear and express the voice of His heart to mankind amid words” (Introduction to Part Two of The Word Appears in the Flesh). While we were selecting well-known passages of God’s words, we felt deeply that God’s every sentence is so very valuable. Every one of God’s utterances is a seamless whole, every word and every sentence of God’s words link up together and are complete; in some places, it really was not easy to decide what to select and what to leave, so we had to select a large section. This allowed us to perceive the value of every one of God’s words and that Christ is indeed the truth, the way, and the life—it is absolutely true! The classic words of God selected for this book are suitable only to be extracted and selected when spreading the gospel and bearing witness for God, and of course they are also suitable for individual spiritual devotions or for reciting classic passages. If one wants to search for and look into some aspect of the truth, just reading some classic words is not enough to fully achieve results; it is best to read whole writings of God’s words based on the selected passages, and only then will one achieve better results. It can be said that this book, Classic Words From Christ of the Last Days, is a guide for those who yearn for the appearance of God to seek God’s footsteps, and it can guide you through the gate of the kingdom of heaven. After a careful reading of this book, you will be thankful for and praise God’s grace. We therefore sincerely hope that all those who yearn for the truth and who long for the appearance of God will lose no time in accepting God’s actual utterances of the last days—The Word Appears in the Flesh—that it may be a feast for your eyes, that it may open your eyes and that it may fill you with enjoyment, and so you may thereby know God’s voice, return before Him and gain the entire salvation of God. This is our sole aim in publishing this book.

March 21, 2017

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