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Christian Reflection: I Struggle Against My Fate and Fail, but in My Failure, I Make a Discovery …

Many people give their all as they struggle against their fate to live life at the top, but they fail again and again. If we can come before God and reflect on the path we’re following, then we will be able to live happy… Full Text

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A Christian’s Experience: A Remarkable Job Hunt

Looking for a job in a foreign country with no work experience and without being able to speak a foreign language can be incredibly difficult! Sister Xing Yue became an honest person in accordance with God’s words, howev… Full Text

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Through Prayer God Helped Relieve My Pre-exam Anxiety

In such a ferociously competitive society as we live in today, many students will feel anxious when it comes time to take their exams. So how can we rid ourselves of our pre-exam nerves and calmly face each exam? Let’s s… Full Text


God Saved Me From Death —Getting Colorectal Cancer in My 70s (Part 1)

God Saved Me From Death: When I felt weak and passive in the face of death, God’s words watered and nourished me, giving me faith and strength. God’s love for me is so great. That truly was God’s particular grace and sal… Full Text


God Saved Me From Death —Getting Colorectal Cancer in My 70s (Part 2)

God Saved Me From Death: When I felt weak and passive in the face of death, God’s words watered and nourished me, giving me faith and strength. God’s love for me is so great. That truly was God’s particular grace and sal… Full Text


God’s Love Guided Me Through the Trial of Illness

I knew very clearly in my heart, that my body could recover so quickly was God’s deed, God’s blessing and God’s love, for only God could make such a miracle happen! Full Text

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God Led Me to Find the Right Direction in Life

Years of grueling study are the price one pays to attain success and fame. But when our dreams are cut short and those years of grueling study don’t yield success and fame, but rather lead to depression and illness, how … Full Text

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Prayer for Faith: How to Trust God Completely in Difficult Times (Audio Essay)

Let’s learn from the Christian’s prayers for faith and trust in God in hard times, which will help us get through difficult times. Full Text

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Why Is Life So Full of Suffering? Can Faith in God Really Bring Me Happiness?

When we rush around for the sake of fame and gain, and we feel pained and helpless and exhausted in body and mind, remember this: God is our eternal support, and only by coming before God and understanding the truth can … Full Text


How Can I Rid Myself of the Pain of Emptiness?

Do you feel as though your spirit is empty? How are we supposed to rid ourselves of this pain? How can we live a meaningful life? Click on the link and, after three minutes of reading, you will know the answer. Full Text

Reflections About Life: What’s the True Meaning of Life? A King’s Last Words Provide Food for Thought

King Alexander departed this world holding onto regrets. When his time was approaching, he left us three thought-provoking final statements that force us to ask ourselves: Why do people live? What is the value and meanin… Full Text

The Pain of Trials Is a Blessing From God

1 Do not be discouraged, do not be weak, I will reveal to you. The road to the kingdom is not that smooth, nothing is that simple! You want blessings to come easy. Today everyone will have bitter trials to face, otherwis… Full Text

True Stories of Faith in God: God Saved My Daughter From Death

True Stories of Faith in God: Li Qin’s daughter got into a car accident and suffered multiple gasoline burns. The doctor recommended an immediate amputation, but Li Qin relied on her faith in God and bravely decided to k… Full Text

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Returning to Life From the Brink of Death

I’d been deeply corrupted, I originally hadn’t recognized the existence of God, and time after time I’d refused God’s salvation, but not only did God not hold my transgressions against me He even carried out a great salv… Full Text

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God Is by My Side

I genuinely felt that God is by my side, observing my every little move, and He is setting up all the people, events, things and environments around me so that I may personally experience His true existence. God’s love f… Full Text

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With the Grace of God I Found a True Home

Only by coming into Christ’s home, and enjoying the sustenance and nurturing of God’s words can I live within happiness, within the light! I truly thank God for bringing me into His family and giving me a warm, happy fam… Full Text


Christian Sermons: God’s Will Behind Moses Fleeing to the Wilderness

Before Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, he was a shepherd in the Midian wilderness for 40 years. Why did God have Moses wander in the wilderness for four decades before making use of him? What was God’s will behind… Full Text

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What Is God’s Will Behind the Parable of the Lost Sheep?

The Lord Jesus used the parable of the lost sheep to very vividly tell us about God’s love for mankind, but do you know what God’s will behind this parable is? It’s explained for you here. Full Text


What Is True Faith? How to Have True Faith in God

How to have true faith in God? What kind of faith can gain God's approval? Read this article now to get the correct answers. Full Text

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

To those of us who believe in God, undergoing hardships and refinements is God’s greatest blessing, for if we want to gain life, we must undergo hardships and suffering. The Bible says, “Many shall be purified, and made … Full Text


After the Lord Jesus’ Resurrection, Why Did He Appear to Man?

I came to understand that the Lord Jesus’ will was actually behind His appearance to man after His resurrection, and that this deed encapsulated God’s almightiness and wisdom even more. I truly came to see that the Lord … Full Text


God’s Blessings: I May Not Be Rich, but I’m Very Fortunate

In modern society, everyone puts money above all and wants to make a load of money, and Bong was no different. To make money, Bong did not hesitate to sacrifice his own health, and he became caught in the inescapable whi… Full Text


What’s the Meaning of Life? Find the Answer Through a Comic Book Artist’s Experience

What’s the Meaning of Life? He was able to leave his suffering behind through the guidance of God’s words; he found true life and came to understand the value and meaning of life. Let’s take a look at his story … Full Text

Farewell to Those Days of Wrestling With Fate (Audio Essay)

Only by looking back on how I relied on the poison of Satan to live, how this was in competition with my fate, did I see that I did not recognize God’s authority, that by relying on my own capabilities I was throwing off… Full Text

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I Have Found a True Home

In that moment I felt like a lost child who had finally found home, who had found their family, and I really felt truly blessed! Now every day I enjoy being watered and provided for by the word of Almighty God. Full Text

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I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)

God hopes that we will all come before Him, accept the guidance of His words and obtain the illumination of the light. Satan’s evil thoughts have corrupted man’s heart, caused man to be powerless to break away from it an… Full Text

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Almighty God Led Me Onto the Path of Obtaining Cleansing

Although the Lord absolved our sins, we still suffer the chains of our sinful nature. … In order to completely rescue people from sin, one still needs God to come and do the work of eliminating man’s sinful nature, and o… Full Text

I Found the True Light (Audio Essay)

Precisely because God has once again done new work, the Holy Spirit’s work has shifted. All the sects that do not have the Holy Spirit’s work become more and more dark and desolate. …Among people who genuinely follow God… Full Text

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No More Committing and Confessing Sins, I Find the True Meaning of Life

In God’s word, I had a path through which I could resolve my corrupt disposition. I started to pray to God from the bottom of my heart with the sincerest attitude. … The words of Almighty God have given me a proper goal … Full Text

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