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Almighty God Rescued Me from the Desperate Situations


Wang Cheng    Hebei Province

When I believed in Jesus, I was persecuted by the CCP government. It often obstructed and suppressed me on the “charge” of “believing in Jesus,” and asked the village cadres to go to my home at intervals to investigate me on believing in God. In 1998, I accepted Almighty God’s end-time work. Hearing the Creator’s personal utterance, I felt unspeakably excited. Under the encouragement of God’s love, I made a firm resolution: Whatever happens, I’ll follow Almighty God to the end. At that time, I was very active in attending meetings and preaching the gospel. Therefore, I caught the CCP government’s attention again. It persecuted me more severely, so that I couldn’t believe in God normally at home and had to leave home to perform duty.

In 2006, I was in charge of the work of printing books on believing in God in the church. Once, on the way of transporting books, the brothers and sisters who escorted books and the driver of the printing factory we hired were unfortunately arrested by the CCP police. At that time, ten thousand books of The Word Appears in the Flesh in the van were all confiscated. Later, because the driver sold out, a dozen or so brothers and sisters were arrested in succession. This incident created a great stir in two provinces, and the Central Committee directly supervised the handling of the case. Learning that I was a leader, the CCP government spared no expenses to send armed police to investigate the area where I worked. Moreover, it confiscated two cars and one van of the printing factory we cooperated with and took away 65,500 yuan from the factory. And it also robbed our escorts of over 3,000 yuan. Not only so, the police searched my house twice. Each time, they broke in and smashed and broke everything they could, turning my house into a complete mess. They were even worse than robbers and thieves! Afterward, because of failing to catch me, the CCP government arrested my neighbors and those who were related to me, forcing them to tell my whereabouts.

In order to escape being arrested and persecuted by the CCP government, I had to flee to my relative’s thousands of miles away. Unexpectedly, to arrest me, the CCP police hunted me from my hometown far away to my relative’s. On the third night after I got there, the cops of my hometown in collusion with the local criminal cops and armed cops, about one hundred of them, closely surrounded my relative’s house and took away the whole family. Over a dozen evil cops circled around me, and one of them held a gun against my head, roaring, “One move and I’ll shoot you dead!” Then they came up together and several of them began to handcuff me behind my back. They pulled my right hand backward over my shoulder and pulled my left hand up behind my back with force. Seeing that they couldn’t cuff my hands together, they stomped my back and pulled them hard, forcibly cuffing them together. I could hardly bear that heart-piercing pain. However, no matter how I screamed “I can’t take it,” they paid no heed. I could only pray to God in my heart, asking him to give me strength. Then, the evil cops took away 650 yuan from me and questioned me where the church offerings were, ordering me to hand them over totally. I was very angry, thinking contemptuously: The “people’s police,” the “guardians of the people’s lives and properties,” mobilize such forces to arrest me from thousands of miles away, not only to hinder God’s work but also to plunder and grab the church money! These devils care for nothing but money. For the sake of money, they rack their brains and act unscrupulously, having done numerous conscienceless things and afflicted countless innocent people…. The more I thought, the angrier I became. I made up my mind that I’d rather die than betray God and I swore to fight against the devils to the end. Seeing me glare at them without saying anything, the evil cops came forward and slapped me fiercely twice. My mouth became swollen and bled a lot. But they still felt dissatisfied and kicked my legs violently while cursing me with dirty words. After kicking me down to the ground, they kicked me wildly like kicking a ball. I didn’t know how long they kicked me before I fainted from the pain. When I came to, I was already in a car heading for my hometown. They fastened one end of a thick iron chain to my neck and the other to my feet, so that I could not sit up but could only huddle my face down and barely support myself by my chest and head. Seeing my miserable situation, those evil cops laughed wildly and jeered, “Ask your God to save you! …” And they said some words to humiliate me. I knew very clearly that the reason why they treated me in such a way was that I believe in Almighty God. As God said in the Age of the Grace, “If the world hate you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.” (John 15:18) The more they humiliated me, the more clearly I saw their substance of being hostile to God and their evil nature of hating God. Meanwhile, I kept calling to God in my heart, “O Almighty God! I fall into the evil cops’ hand out of your permission, and there is surely your good purpose in it. I’m willing to obey you. Although I suffer in the flesh today, I’m willing to stand testimony for you to shame the old devil and will never yield to it. May you give me faith and wisdom.” After the prayer, I thought of God’s words, “Be quiet within me, because I am your God and your only Redeemer. Quiet your heart at any moment and live within me. I am your Rock and your support.” (from “The Twenty-sixth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) God’s words made me stronger and have more strength. And I had great faith and the way of practice.

During the eighteen-hour escort, I fainted from pain many times, but all those evil cops turned a blind eye to me. It was past 2 a.m. when we reached the destination. I felt as if all the blood in my body congealed. My hands and feet became swollen, without any feeling and unable to move. I heard several of them say, “Maybe he’s dead.” Afterward, they seized the iron chain on me and yanked it downward. The teeth of the handcuffs stuck deep into my flesh. I fell off the car and fainted from pain again. They kicked me awake with force and cursed, “You’re fucking playing dead. After we get a day’s rest, there’ll be a lot for you!” Several evil cops forcibly carried me to the condemned prisoners’ cell. Before leaving, they said, “This is what we have specially arranged for you.” I hid myself in the corner with fright, not daring to move. Some sleeping prisoners were awakened. Seeing their ferocious looks, I felt as if I had walked into hell…. When the day broke, the prisoners got up and saw me. Seeming to see an alien, they rushed toward me together, and I hurriedly squatted down with fear. At that time, the noise woke up the head of the cell. He caught a glimpse of me, saying coldly, “Beat him as you like. Just don’t beat him to death.” Like getting an imperial edict, those prisoners surrounded me and were about to beat me. I thought: I’m finished. The evil cops hand me to these condemned prisoners just to make use of them to intentionally fix me to death. I felt very panicked and helpless and could only commit myself to God and submit to his manipulation. Just when I got ready for the beating, a miraculous thing happened. I heard a shout, “Stop!” The head suddenly rushed forward to pull me up and stared at me for several minutes. I was too scared to look at him. “You are such a good man; how could you come here?” Hearing that he was talking to me, I took a careful sight at him. Actually he was a friend of my friend and we had met only once. Then, he introduced me to the other prisoners, “This is my friend. If anyone beats him, he is against me!” And then he hurriedly bought me food and found me daily necessities, and the other prisoners didn’t dare bully me anymore. Seeing what happened at this moment, I knew it was out of God’s love and wise arrangement. The evil policemen had intended to torture me fiercely through the condemned prisoners’ hands, but they had never expected that God would help me escape the affliction through the head. I was moved to tears, and couldn’t help uttering to God my praises within, “O God! Thanks for your mercy. When I was most panicked and helpless and weakest in my flesh, it was you who helped me through the friend, letting me see your deed. It was you who maneuvered all things to work for good to the believers in you.” At that time, I had more faith because I truly felt God’s love. Although I fell into the devil’s den, God didn’t desert me. Having God with me, what shall I fear? The friend also comforted me, “Don’t be upset. No matter what you’ve done, you can’t admit it even if you are put to death. However, you have to be mentally prepared. Since they lock you with the condemned prisoners, they’ll never let you off lightly.” From his words, I even more felt that God was leading me all the time. I got myself ready mentally and made a resolution inwardly: No matter how the devils torture me, I’ll never betray God!

The next day, more than ten armed cops with guns came. Like escorting a condemned prisoner, they took me from the detention house to a very secluded place in the suburbs. The place, with a big yard, was surrounded by high walls and heavily guarded by armed cops. The doorplate read, “Police Dog Training Base.” It was a secret interrogation place of the CCP government. There were various kinds of torture devices in each room. Looking at the scene before my eyes, I was overcome with horror and shuddered. Those evil cops had me stand motionless in the middle of the yard, and then they let out four extremely ferocious wolfhounds from iron cages. Pointing at me, they gave an order to those trained police dogs, “Bite him to death!” Immediately, the wolfhounds charged at me like fierce tigers dashing down a mountain. I closed my eyes tightly with fear, and my mind buzzed and went blank. I had only one thought: O God! Please come to save me immediately! I kept calling to God in my heart. About over ten minutes later, I felt those dogs biting my clothes. A big wolfhound laid two of its legs on my shoulders, sniffed me for a while, and licked my face, but it didn’t bite me. I suddenly remembered the prophet Daniel recorded in the Bible. He was thrown into the lions’ den because of worshiping God. However, the hungry lions didn’t hurt him, because God was with him and sent angels to seal the lions’ mouths. Instantly, my fear within was dispelled by faith. I deeply felt that everything is in God’s manipulation and man’s life and death are also in God’s hand. Moreover, if I was bitten to death by the ferocious dogs and thus was martyred because of worshiping God, it was a glorious thing and I would never make any complaint. When I was not restrained by death and was willing to offer up my life and bear testimony for God, I saw God’s almightiness and wonderful deed once again. I heard those evil cops shouting at the police dogs hysterically, “Bite him to death! Bite him to death! …” However, those police dogs that were well trained at usual times seemed unable to understand their masters’ order at that time. They only bit my clothes, licked them, and then left. Several evil cops wanted to stop those dogs and let them turn back to bite me again, but the dogs scampered away with fright. Seeing such a scene, the evil cops all said in surprise, “It’s really strange. Even the police dogs don’t bite him!” At that moment, I spontaneously thought of God’s words, “Man’s heart and man’s spirit are under God’s control, and man’s entire living is in God’s eyes. No matter whether you believe all these, nevertheless, anything, living or dead, will move, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is the way God rules over all things.” (from “God Is the Source of Man’s Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) “God created all things, so he will make all created things come under his dominion and submit under his dominion. He will govern all things and have all things in his hand. All creation, including animals, plants, mankind, mountains, rivers, and lakes, has to come under his dominion. All things in heaven and on earth have to come under his dominion….” (from “Whether One Will Succeed Depends On the Way He Walks” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) In experience, I practically tasted that all matters and all things, no matter whether they have life or not, are in God’s manipulation and move and change according to God’s thoughts. Today I could be safe and sound among the pack of ferocious dogs, because Almighty God sealed their mouths and they dared not bite me. I deeply knew that it was God’s great power and God was revealing his wonderful deed. Both the evil cops and the well-trained police dogs had to submit under God’s authority, and nobody could go beyond God’s sovereignty. Today I fell into the CCP government’s talons and could experience the trial like that of the prophet Daniel, which was God’s exceptional uplifting and grace. I saw God’s almighty deeds and thus had more faith in God. I swore to fight against the devils to the end and believe in God and worship God forever and let God gain glory!

Failing to achieve their aim, the evil cops took me to the interrogation room. They handcuffed me to the wall, hanging me in the air. Instantly, my wrists ached sharply as if being broken, and beads of sweat kept trickling down. Even so, the evil cops still thought it was not enough. They punched and kicked me fiercely. As they beat me, they roared ferociously, “Ask your God to save you!” They took turns beating me, and when one was tired, another one would replace him. I was beaten black and blue and shed a lot of blood…. At night, they still didn’t put me down nor allow me to close my eyes. Two lackeys were left to watch me and they held electric batons in their hands. As long as I closed my eyes, they would shock me with the batons, torturing me the whole night. While beating me, one of the lackeys glared at me, roaring, “They can knock you out; I can beat you awake!” Due to God’s revelation, I was very clear in my heart: Satans just want to use various cruel tortures to make me yield; when I’m tortured till I break down mentally and become unclear-minded, they’ll get the information they want from me so as to arrest God’s chosen people, disrupt God’s end-time work, and grasp and occupy the offerings of the Church of Almighty God and fill their own pocket. This is their wild ambition! Clenching my teeth and fighting the pain, I swore that even if I was hung to death, I would never yield to them! After the day broke, the evil cops still didn’t show any inclination to put me down. I was completely worn out and felt worse than death, without perseverance to hold on anymore. I could only call to God in my heart, “O God! I know this suffering is what I should undergo. But my flesh is too weak and I really can’t hold on. While I still have one breath left and my mind is clear, please take my soul away! I don’t want to be a Judas and betray you.” Just when I was about to break down, God’s words inspired and guided me again, “‘When God comes into the flesh this time, it is as if he falls into the tiger’s den.’ That is to say, when God works this time, he comes into the flesh and is born in the place inhabited by the great red dragon, so God comes to earth this time at a greater risk, confronted with swords and spears and bludgeons, with temptations, and with murderous-looking people, in danger of being killed at any time.” (from “Work and Entering In (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) God is the supreme Ruler of all things. To save mankind, God comes among the deeply corrupted men, and this is already a great humiliation. Moreover, God has to suffer the hunting and slaughter of China’s ruling party by every possible means. The sufferings God undergoes are so great. God can suffer for man; why can’t I dedicate my life for God? Now I still have this breath to live, because God’s loving hand has been supporting me and God has been caring for and keeping me. Otherwise, I would have been tortured to death by these devils. In the devil’s den, although the devils exhaust various cruel means to torment me, God is with me. Every time after suffering, I see God’s wonderful deeds and God’s salvation and keeping. However, when God suffers, how should I comfort God’s heart? Since today God bestows to me the opportunity, I should live for God once! At that moment, my conscience was aroused by God’s love once again. I deeply felt whatever happened, I should satisfy God. Today I could suffer with Christ, and this was my honor! The evil cops saw that I neither spoke nor begged them for mercy all along, fearing that they couldn’t give account if I died at that place, so they no longer beat me. Just like that, I passed through another two days and nights.

At the time, it was cold. My clothes were thin and all drenched through, and moreover, I didn’t eat anything for several days. I was cold and hungry and really couldn’t bear it. Then the evil cops took the opportunity to carry out their scheme, finding a psychological expert to work my thoughts. He said, “Just tell us. You’re still young, and have parents and children. After you’re arrested, those who believe with you, especially your church leaders, pay no heed to you, but you still take the blame for them. Aren’t you stupid? These cops have no choice but to torture you….” After hearing those lies, I thought: If the brothers and sisters come to see me, aren’t they hurling themselves into the net? You want to deceive me and sow discord between the brothers and sisters and me, trying to make me misunderstand, complain against, and reject God. I won’t fall into your trap. Later, they brought me water and food, showing false kindness to me. In the face of their sudden “care,” I even more dared not leave God in my heart, because I knew that now I was weakest and satan would make use of me at any moment. Through those days of experience, I saw through the CCP government’s substance. No matter how it disguised to be kind, it would never change its devilish substance of being evil and reactionary. The devil’s “moving me by love” even more revealed its sinisterness and cunningness. I thanked God for leading me to see through satan’s scheme. Finally the psychological expert failed. He shook his head, saying, “We won’t get anything even if we go on interrogating him. He’s stubborn and incorrigible!” After that, he left in dejection. Seeing that satan was defeated and went away, I was inexpressibly happy!

Seeing that the soft trick didn’t work, the evil cops showed their true colors at once and hung me one more day. At night, I shivered all over with cold and my hands hurt unbearably as if they were broken. In haziness, I felt I was really dying. At that time, many more evil cops came. I didn’t know how they would lay malicious hands on me, so I prayed to God again in weakness, “O God! You know my weakness. I really can’t take it. May you take away my life beforehand. Even if I die, I won’t be a Judas to betray you, and I’ll never let those devils’ scheme succeed!” Each of them held a stick less than one meter long and specially beat the joints of my legs and feet. Some laughed wildly, and some said words of temptation, “Aren’t you asking for suffering? Actually it’s a small case, not murder or arson. Say it and we’ll put you down.” I still said nothing. They said in exasperation, “Are the dozens of us so incapable before you? We’ve interrogated many condemned prisoners here. As long as it’s the confession we want, even though it’s something that never happened, he has to confess, let alone you.” Some of them came up and pinched me, making my waist and my lower half black and blue and some places bleed. I was already very weak because of being hung and beaten for a long time and additionally, I was struck and pinched wildly by them, so I felt worse than death. At the time, I completely broke down and couldn’t stand it anymore. I cried out in spite of myself, and the thought of betrayal also came out: As long as I won’t get the brothers and sisters involved, I might as well say something. Then let them sentence or shoot me as they want! Those evil cops saw me cry and then they laughed wildly, saying smugly, “If you had said it earlier, we wouldn’t treat you like this….” They put me down, let me lie on the ground, gave me a little water, and let me have a rest. Holding the paper and pens prepared beforehand, they waited to record. Just when I was falling into satan’s temptation step by step and was about to betray God, God’s words rose in my mind clearly once again, “To those who were not faithful to me in the least in the tribulation, I will show no more mercy, because my mercy only goes so far. Moreover, I do not like anyone who has ever betrayed me, much less like to associate with a person who sells out the interests of his friends, which is my disposition, no matter who he is. I want to tell you: Anyone who has broken my heart cannot possibly be forgiven by me the second time, and anyone who is faithful to me will remain in my heart forever.” (from “You Should Prepare Enough Good Deeds for the Sake of Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) In God’s words, I saw God’s disposition that does not tolerate man’s offense and saw the consequence of betraying God and my disobedience. I had too little faith in God and no knowledge of God, much less did I have real obedience. The possibility of my betraying God is still one hundred percent. Judas sold out the Lord Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, and today I wanted to betray God just for the momentary ease. Without the timely revelation of God’s words, I would almost become an eternal sinner of betraying God! After understanding God’s will, I realized: The arrangement out of God is the best. If God lets me undergo such suffering or permits me to die, I’m willing to obey and commit my life and death to God, without my own choice. Even if I have just one breath left, I’ll satisfy God and stand testimony for God. At that time, I remembered a hymn of life experience, “Head can be cut off and blood can be shed, but the backbone of God’s people cannot be bent; God’s charge is on my mind. I resolve to shame the old satan.” (from “I Wish to See the Day God Gains Glory” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs) I hummed silently within and my faith was stirred up again. Even if I have to die, I’ll die for God and never yield to the CCP, this old devil! Seeing me lying on the ground motionless, these evil cops began to interrogate me, “Is it worthwhile for you to suffer this? Now we give you an opportunity to make amends. Tell us what you know. Even if you say nothing, we can still convict you as we have human testimony and physical evidence.” Seeing that those devils that devoured people attempted to make me betray God and sell out the brothers and sisters so as to demolish God’s work, I could no longer hold back my anger within. I said loudly, “Since you know everything, it is no need to ask me. Even if I know everything, I won’t tell you!” One of the evil cops said exasperatedly, “You wanna get out alive? If you don’t say it, we’ll fix you to death! Those condemned prisoners say whatever we ask them to say. You’re even tougher than them!” I said, “Since today I’ve fallen into your hands, I never expect to get out alive!” He was so angry that he fiercely kicked my stomach without a word. My intestines ached unbearably as if they were broken. Then, those evil cops came up together and beat me unconscious again…. When I woke up, I found that I was hung up by the devils again, even higher than before. I became swollen all over and couldn’t speak, but because of God’s keeping, I didn’t feel pain at all. At night, other evil cops went away; the only four who were left slept in disorder. Suddenly the cuffs on my hands were unlocked automatically and I fell to the ground lightly. At that time, I suddenly collected myself and remembered the scene of Peter’s being rescued from the cell by the angel of the Lord. At the time, the iron chain automatically fell off Peter’s hands, and the iron door of the cell opened by itself. Today I could experience God’s wonderful deed as Peter did, and this was God’s great uplifting and grace for me! I knelt on the ground immediately and offered my grateful prayer to God, “O God! Thanks for your mercy and care for me. Thanks for your watching, never leaving or forsaking me. At the moment of life and death, it was you who protected me in secret, and even more it was your mighty hands that supported me, so that I could see your wonderful deed and almightiness and sovereignty once again. If I didn’t experience it personally, I could hardly believe that this scene was real!” In agony, I saw God’s salvation again. I was so excited and felt infinite warmth. I was eager to leave but my body couldn’t move, so I slept on the ground till I was kicked awake by the evil cops when the day broke. A conflict occurred among them. They tried to find out who put me down. The four of them all said that they didn’t have the key. With the cuffs in their hands, the evil cops stared blankly. Each of them checked the cuffs again and didn’t find a crack. They asked me how I unlocked them. I said, “It unlocked itself!” They didn’t believe it, but I was clear in my heart that it was God’s great power and God’s wonderful deed.

Later, seeing that I was within an inch of my life, the evil cops dared not hang me in handcuffs anymore and tried another cruel torture to torment me. They dragged me into another room and had me sit on the torture-rack. My head and neck got stuck by the iron clip, and my hands and feet were shackled, unable to move at all. I prayed to God in my heart, “O God! Everything is in your hand. I’ve gone through the test of life and death several times, and this time I even more commit myself to you. I’m willing to cooperate with you to stand testimony and shame satan.” Afterward, I became calm in my heart, without any fear. At the moment, one of the evil cops suddenly turned on the electric switch. With their eyes wide open, all the lackeys waited to see how I would be shocked. As they saw that I had no reaction, they went to check the circuit. Seeing that I still made no reaction, they looked at each other and felt it unbelievable. In the end, one lackey said, “Maybe the torture-rack has broken down and can’t be energized.” Then he came forward and touched me. With a loud scream, the electric current instantly shocked him and he was thrown one meter away. He fell down on the ground and kept screaming with pain. Seeing that, more than ten lackeys standing on the side were frightened out of their senses and rushed out of the door, and one of them even fell down with fear…. A long time passed before two lackeys walked in trembling to undo my shackles, fearing that they might be shocked again. I sat on the torture-rack for half an hour and felt no electricity at all, as if sitting on an ordinary chair. I saw God’s great power again and deeply felt God’s amiableness and loveliness. Even if I lost everything, I would be contented with God’s presence.

Afterward, the evil cops took me back to the detention house. At that time, my whole body was covered with wounds. My hands and feet were badly swollen and I could neither stand nor sit at all. I felt limp all over and couldn’t eat and thus completely collapsed. Learning that I didn’t sell out anyone, the condemned prisoners in the cell all changed their attitude toward me, saying admirably, “You’re a real hero. We’re false ones!” Moreover, they rushed to bring me food and give me clothes…. The evil cops saw God’s deeds on me, so they no longer dared to torture me and undid my cuffs and shackles. From then on, nobody dared to interrogate me. However, the evil cops still didn’t give up. In order to get information about the church from me, they tried to use the condemned prisoners to force me into submission. They instigated them by saying, “The believers in Almighty God deserve a good beating!” Unexpectedly, a murderer retorted to their face, “I’ll never listen to you. Neither I nor my cellmates will beat him! We were arrested because others sold us out. If they were loyal like him, we wouldn’t have been condemned to death.” Another condemned prisoner said, “We were arrested for doing many evil things, and we deserve to suffer such tortures. But he’s a believer in God and does nothing bad, yet you’ve tortured him so badly!” The other prisoners all sprang to my defense. Seeing such a scene, the evil cops no more dared say anything in fear of having some trouble and left in dejection one after another. That reminded me of one word in the Bible, “The king’s heart is in the hand of Jehovah, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he will.” (Proverbs 21:1) Seeing that God maneuvered the prisoners to help me out of difficulty, I deeply knew that all those were God’s deeds, and I had more faith in God!

As one trick didn’t work, the evil cops came up with another one. They joined hands with the officers of the detention house to deliberately assign very heavy labor to me. They ordered me to make two bundles of joss paper one day (the joss paper is the money burned for the dead; a bundle of joss paper contains 1,600 pieces of tin foil and thermal paper each). My task was twice as much as the other prisoners’. At the time, my hands and feet hurt unbearably, and I even couldn’t lift things. Even if I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t finish the task. Then the evil cops took it as an excuse to punish me. They forced me to take cold showers in temperatures less than minus 20 degrees; they had me work overnight or made me stand watch, so I slept less than three hours every day. If I always failed to finish my task, they would drive my cellmates outside, surround all of them with guns in their hands, and ask them to squat on the ground with their hands holding their heads. Whoever couldn’t hold on would be shocked by the electric baton. The evil cops exhausted all their means, attempting to make those prisoners hate me and fix me. Facing the environment before me, I could only come before God and pray, “O God! I know that their purpose of instigating the prisoners is to force me to betray you. This is a spiritual war. O God! No matter how the prisoners treat me, I’m willing to obey your manipulation and arrangement. May you give me the will to suffer. I’m willing to cooperate with you to the end!” Later, I saw God’s deed once again. Those condemned prisoners didn’t hate me, but instead they stood on my side and had a strike, requesting that the evil cops reduce my task by half. Afterward, having no other choice, they had to answer their requirement.

Although my labor was reduced by half, the evil cops didn’t let it go. A few days later, a new “prisoner” came into the cell. He was very kind to me. He bought me daily necessities, got food for me, showed great care for me, and asked me what law I broke. At first, I didn’t guard against him. I told him that I was a believer in God and was arrested because of printing books on believing in God. Then he kept questioning me about the detailed information about printing books. Hearing his series of questions, I felt a little uneasy, so I prayed to God, “O God, the surrounding people, matters, and things are all out of your throne’s permission. Is he a spy sent by the devil? Please reveal it to me.” After the prayer, I quieted before God and thought of God’s words, “Be quiet before me and live by my word, and you will naturally be watchful and have discernment in spirit. When satan comes, you will guard against it and have a hunch at once, truly feeling no peace in spirit.” (from “The Nineteenth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) I pondered over his questions repeatedly. What he asked was exactly the information the evil cops wanted to know. At the moment, I came to realize that actually this was the devils’ scheme and he was a spy. Seeing me keep silent, he asked me if I fell ill. I said no and told him solemnly, “Save your breath. Don’t rack your brains anymore. Even if I know everything, I won’t tell you!” Those condemned prisoners all said, “To be a man, we should learn from you believers in God. You have backbone!” That man had nothing to say. Two days later, the spy went away secretly.

I suffered in the detention house for one year and eight months. Although the evil cops picked on me in every aspect, God maneuvered the condemned prisoners to take care of me. After the head was transferred, the prisoners elected me as head. I tried my utmost to help those who had difficulties. I said to the prisoners, “I’m a believer in God. God requires man to live out the likeness of a man. Although we’re in the cell, we should have the likeness of a man as long as we stay alive….” From then on, the condemned prisoners no longer bullied the newcomers. Before, Cell 7 was terrifying, but now it became a “civilized cell.” Those condemned prisoners all said, “The believers in Almighty God are nice. If we have the opportunity to get out, we’ll absolutely choose to believe in Almighty God!” Due to the experience in the detention house, I thought of Joseph spontaneously. When he was in Egypt’s prison, God was with him and bestowed grace to him so that what he did all went well. Today I just conducted myself according to God’s requirements and obeyed God’s manipulation and arrangement, and then God was with me, helping me come safely out of danger in every aspect. I thanked God for his grace from the bottom of my heart!

Later, without any evidence, the CCP government randomly imposed a charge on me and sentenced me to three years of imprisonment. They didn’t release me till 2009. After getting out of prison, I became an object closely watched by the local police station. I had to be on call, all my activities were under the CCP government’s control, and I didn’t have any personal freedom. Thus, I had to leave my hometown and perform duty in another place. Additionally, on the excuse of my believing in God, the CCP government was even slow to register permanent residence for my family. (Till now, the registration of my two children’s permanent residence are still underway.) Thus, I even more saw that living under the CCP’s domain is living in Hades and hell. The CCP government’s cruel persecution of me was deeply engraved in my heart and was indelible. I hated it bitterly, and swore to never be enslaved by it and completely break with it!

Through this experience, I had much more knowledge of God and saw God’s almightiness and wisdom and his substance of being beautiful and good. I even more saw that no matter how the CCP devil persecutes God’s chosen people, it is just a serving object and setoff in God’s work and is forever a defeated opponent in God’s hand. Many times when I was in the desperate situation, it was God’s wonderful keeping that delivered me from satan’s talons and enabled me to survive. Many times when I was weak and disappointed, it was God’s word that comforted and enlivened me and became my rear guard and support, making me transcend the flesh and overcome the bondage of death and Hades. Many times when my life was at stake, it was God’s life force that supported me to live tenaciously. Just as God’s words say, “God’s life force can vanquish all power and even more surpass all power. His life is perpetual, and his power is transcendent. No created being and no hostile force can overpower his life force. At any moment and in any place his life force exists and shines with brilliant radiance. Heaven and earth may change tremendously, but God’s life will never change; all things may pass away, but God’s life will still exist. This is because God is the origin of the existence of all things and the foundation for the existence of all things.” (from “Only the Last Christ Can Bestow to Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) May all the glory be to the almighty true God!

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  • Experiencing the Cruel Persecution, I Believe in God More Firmly

    In that most painful and difficult experience of my life, although I had pain and weakness and sometimes fell, God’s love had been accompanying me. When I was weak, God’s word inspired me and gave me faith and strength, making me break through the restraint of darkness and death. When satan carried out its schemes, it was God’s timely reminding and guidance that caused me to wake up from the dense fog, see through satan’s schemes and tricks, and stand testimony for God.

  • Through Hardship, God’s Love Is With Me

    “God is incarnated this time to do the work he has not finished, to judge and end this age, to save men from the sea of misery, to thoroughly conquer them, and to transform their life disposition. For mankind to break free from the afflicting and pitch-dark force of darkness and for the sake of the work of mankind ah, God has had so many sleepless nights ah. He comes to the lowest place from the highest place and lives in hell on earth and spends days with men ah.” (from “The Practical God Is Saving Men in Obscurity” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs)

  • From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love

    God’s words awakened my heart and made me understand that the pain of persecution I was suffering now for my belief in God was of the utmost value and of the utmost significance. I understood that God was using this environment of suffering to show me clearly Satan’s essence that is in enmity to God, so that I would be able to forsake it utterly and thereby turn my heart back to God and achieve a true love for God.

  • After the Afflictions, I Have a Firmer Love for God

    Then, God pitied me and made me remember God’s words, “Now is the crucial moment. Do not lose heart. Do not be discouraged. Look forward in everything and do not walk the way back. … As long as you have one breath left, you should persist to the end. Such is a good one.” (from “The Twentieth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh)