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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Shaanxi Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

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Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Shaanxi Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

198. Wang XX, female, aged 60, from Zhouzhi County in Xi’an City, a believer of the Holy Spirit’s Work Church. In June 1998, when a brother went to the house of Meng, a member of that church, to preach God’s end-time work, Wang happened to be there. After hearing the testimony, Meng wanted to accept, but Wang instigated Meng to drive the brother away. One day in September 1998, when the brother went to Meng’s house a second time, Wang was having a meeting there. On seeing the brother, Wang said fiercely, “The three-stage work can never be believed. If anyone wants to, I will go to the Public Security Bureau to report him.” She also said, “I have spiritual eyes. If God had come, how could I not know that? You are here to steal my fruits. You are a cultic organization. The Holy Spirit’s Work Church is the one that reigns and rules. You are the Falun Gong.” In October 1998, Wang’s husband suddenly did not feel well. He went to the hospital for an examination, and was found to have esophageal cancer. In March 1999, he became blind, and on May 6, 1999, he died. On May 11, Wang had a quarrel with her daughter-in-law about her husband’s burial, and her daughter-in-law got so angry that she drank pesticide in the afternoon. She was sent to the hospital, but all rescue measures failed, and she died. In January 2000, Wang suddenly became paralyzed in her lower limbs, and she was confined to bed and unable to take care of herself in her daily life. In July 2001, when a sister went to her home to see her, she asked her, “Do you know the result of resisting God’s work?” She nodded, “I regret it. If God heals me, I will testify him.” But God’s disposition is not to be offended by man, and God will repay the evildoer according to his evil deeds. On January 15, 2002, Wang left the world with remorse.

199. Mao XX, male, aged 77, from Baoji County, a pastor of the Three-Self sect. In 1997, when Almighty God’s end-time work was spread to that area, he began to resist it, and he also intimidated his people, saying, “There are people preaching that God has come. It is simply nonsense. It is the deception of a false christ. All those who do not meet in the churches are heresies and evil teachings. From now on, none of you is allowed to meet somewhere else. No matter who invites you, you should not go. Otherwise, you will be cheated and deceived, and you will not be saved.” On June 24, 2001, while preaching, Mao again condemned and blasphemed God’s work, and he also insulted an elderly sister who had accepted Almighty God by name, “XX has followed a false christ. She has gone astray. I will report her and have her caught by the Public Security Bureau. And I’ve got to make her name stink.” On the afternoon of the third day, while Mao was working in his vegetable plot, he felt unwell. After he got home, he suddenly fell down, and scratched the ground wildly with his hands and rolled about it, racked with pain. Later, he was sent to the hospital by his family. In the ward, he made strange noises, now like a horse whinnying, a donkey braying, or a cow mooing, and then a dog barking, a cat yowling, or a bird chirpping. He howled miserably till midnight, and finally, his eyeballs dropped from their sockets and he died. This old pastor resisted God and was cursed!

200. Li XX, female, aged 60, from Xi’an City, a mid-level leader of the Way of Life Church. In November 1999, some people preached God’s end-time work to her, but she refused to accept, and she also hindered the others from doing so and said, “They are preaching a false christ and a cult. Even if it is the true way, I won’t accept.” In March 2001, the gospel preachers tried to preach the gospel to her again, but she shut them outside the door and said something like, “We’ve already received life.” Over ten days after Li said this, the gospel preachers went to visit her for another time, but unexpectedly, she had gone to Hades because of a heart attack.

201. Ma XX, female, aged 56, from Xi’an City, a preacher of the Three-Self sect. In August 2000, a sister went to her home to preach God’s end-time work to her, but before the sister talked about it, she stopped her and said, “These days, there are many false ways being preached outside, especially ‘the Eastern Lightning.’ Don’t believe in it. Now, except the Bible, all that are preached are deceiving.” And she also blasphemed, “They are believing in a false christ and a cult.” Afterward, she spread rumors in the meeting, “You must not read the book of ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ much less accept it. Do not be deceived.” In October 2000, Ma suffered a fall at her home and broke her hips. She stayed in the hospital for two months and spent more than 4,000 yuan. After she got home, she lay in bed for another month. On March 21, 2002, when a sister went to see her, she still said, “That way is false and a cult. You must not follow it.” At noon the next day, Ma suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. She was sent to the hospital and stayed there for more than twenty days, and spent another more than 20,000 yuan. At midday on April 15, Ma was discharged from the hospital. That evening, a sister went to see her. She saw that Ma was lying helpless in bed and totally depended on her husband to feed and attend to her, and as she ate, she dribbled. On the morning of April 16, Ma’s condition suddenly deteriorated, and she was again sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. On June 5, Ma died.

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