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557 The Ugliness of Man Trying to Please God for Their Destination

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557 The Ugliness of Man Trying to Please God for Their Destination

1 Whenever destination is mentioned, you treat it with special seriousness; all of you are particularly sensitive regarding this matter. Some people cannot wait to kowtow to God in order to end up with a good destination. I can identify with your eagerness, which doesn’t need to be expressed in words. You absolutely do not want your flesh to fall into disaster, and even more, you do not want to descend into long-lasting punishment in the future. You only hope to live more freely and easily.

2 So you feel particularly anxious whenever destination is mentioned, fearing deeply that if you are not attentive enough, you may offend God and be subject to the deserved retribution. You have not hesitated to make compromises for the sake of your destination, and many of you who were once devious and flippant have even suddenly turned especially gentle and sincere; your sincerity is even chilling.

3 Regardless, you all have “honest” hearts, and from start to finish you have opened up to Me without hiding any of the secrets in your heart, be they blame, deceit, or devotion. All in all, you have very candidly “confessed” to Me those essential things in your deepest recesses. Of course, I have never avoided such things, because they have become commonplace to Me. You’d rather enter the sea of fire for your final destination than lose a single strand of hair to gain God’s approval.

Adapted from “On Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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