845 What Does God Gain From Man?

1 In saving mankind, God does so out of His love and mercy and for the sake of His management; in receiving God’s salvation, the human race does so because it has fallen to the point where God cannot but speak personally. When man receives God’s salvation, this is the greatest grace, and is also a special favor, that is to say, if not for God giving voice to His utterance in person, the fate of the human race would be extinction. At the same time that He abominates the human race, God is still ready and willing to pay any price for man’s salvation. Meanwhile, as man harps upon his love for God and how he consecrates all to God, he is rebelling against God and extorting every kind of grace from God, and even, at the same time, hurting God and inflicting unspeakable pain upon His heart. Such is the sharp contrast between the selfless and the selfish in the relationship between God and man!

2 Mankind finds it easy to take God for one among the race of created human beings; the greatest pain and humiliation that mankind inflicts on God is precisely that, when He openly appears or works, God is still rejected by man and even forgotten by him. God endures the greatest humiliation in order to save the human race; in giving everything, His purpose is to save mankind, to obtain mankind’s recognition. The price God has paid for all of this is something that everyone with a conscience should be able to appreciate. The human race has gained God’s speaking and working, and gained God’s salvation. At the same time, it has not occurred to anyone to ask this: And what is it that God has gained from mankind? From God’s each and every utterance, humanity has gained the truth, has succeeded in changing, has found direction in life; but what God has gained is no more than the words that humanity uses to express their indebtedness to God and a few faint whispers of praise. Surely this is not the recompense that God demands of man?

Adapted from Introduction to Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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