Testimonies of Faith

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How to Be Free From Sin: I Finally Find the Way

19-year-old Maru was distressed about living in sin and about her intolerance and impatience with her own family. Now, however, she has found the way to be free from sin, and she now gets on well with her family. How did…

August 6, 2019

Out of a Dying Church and Into a True Church (Part 1)

By Yangwang, South KoreaI was born into a family of Christians—I’m the third generation of believers. I’ve gone to church to worship the Lord with my family ever since I was little, and after growing up I took on positio…

April 28, 2019

Out of a Dying Church and Into a True Church (Part 2)

She, really longing for the Lord’s return, is parched within her soul because of her church’s desolation. She starts seeking the Lord’s footsteps everywhere, but it’s all to no avail. Later, she very happily does welcome…

April 28, 2019

I Finally Found a True Church (Part One)

Many people start to wane in their faith because their church lacks the work of the Holy Spirit and they can’t get the spiritual sustenance they need. So how can you find a church that the Holy Spirit is working in? Read…

June 25, 2019

I Finally Found a True Church (Part Two)

I verified within my heart that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. With the watering and sustenance of God’s words I came to understand truths I hadn’t understood over many years of believing in the Lord, and now w…

June 25, 2019

Where Will the Lord Jesus Return? I Find the Answer

Nowadays, the Mount of Olives has long since been broken. And yet we still haven’t heard the news of the Lord’s return coming from Israel. The place where the Lord Jesus will return to has therefore become something many…

September 26, 2019